After much deliberation I did it...ordered from HH!

  1. Well folks, after many hours spent deliberating I've finally ordered from Hayden Harnett. I went for the Havana Hobo in Eggplant and used the discount code to get 15% off. I'm in the UK and the bag doesn't ship until Aug 15th so I'm not sure when it'll arrive. I have some college work to hand in on the 29th of this month so if it arrives around then it will be a well timed reward! I snapped up a pair of ballet pumps in a beautiful purple colour today too for £20 and (going by the eggplant colour on the HH website) they match pretty well! Now looking forward to receiving my bag and wearing it with autumn clothes. I'm planning a shopping trip at the end of the month for autumn/winter clothes as I've been away for the last two winters and have also lost 12lb (another 5lb or so to go). Anyway, I digress....will let you all know when my bag arrives and will post pics, if I can work out how to ;)
  2. Congratulations. How exciting - I can't wait to hear about the color.
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats, please post pics when you get a chance.
  5. ooohh!!! Eggplant is one of my fav color..not to mention my fav veggie!:p
    Can't wait to see your pics...
  6. Congratulations! I love HH-BTW-what discont code?
  7. The 15% discount code for online purchases/non-sale items is ROCK2007

    OH! And congratulations, Rachael! You will love it!!! Eggplant is a new color this season (it was previously plum, I believe) and still a gorgeous color. YAY!
  8. A good buy indeed!
  9. I just looked at the two colors side by side on the HH site, since I just ordered a plum bag (Inka). The eggplant is definitley much darker, a true aubergine, and the plum next to it looks almost rosy, with more red undertones - a plummier magenta rather than a straight up purple.
    For myself, I would prefer the eggplant, but the Inka is for a friend, and I think the rosier color will actually complement har camel-colored winter coat more! HH certainly does some nice purple colors - the prune color in the Gaza bags is marvelous, another deep purple.
  10. Thanks, Glama. Maybe they'll keep producing the plum, because it is a nice shade. I noticed in the Fall '07 Lookbook that it was not mentioned anywhere, but eggplant was, so figured that was what they were moving to for the new season.

    I am even more infatuated with you now because you used the word 'aubergine'.:rolleyes: That's my favorite word in the whole world. I'm going to post your HH review on Purse Whisperer now; you'll be famous! Published in three places!:tup:
  11. ooooh - excellent choice with the Eggplant Havana! can't wait to see pics! i have the same bag in Chalk and it's AMAZING. did you get a tassel as well?
  12. Congratulations. Can't wait to hear about your new bag!!!:smile:
  13. Sounds yummy! I love eggplant! Post modeling pic when she gets here!
  14. Congrats, great choice, can't wait to see pics!
  15. Pictures please!