After months of waiting, which bag to chose??? (sorry, long post)

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  1. Okay...

    I am FINALLY going to Hawaii on January 25th!! :yahoo: After months of preparing and good grades, I am hopefully going to buy a bag there!! This is my first big bag (I have the pochette and the wapity)...
    I have many possiblities, but I can only get one :push: ...Okay...heres my list
    I am also going to list the prices..since lv is a little cheaper in Hawaii, if these prices arent correct, pleae correct me!

    1. Mono Speedy 25- 595.00
    2. Damier Speedy 25- 595.00
    3. Mono Pappilion 26- 615.00
    4. Frambosie Reade PM-680.00
    5. Mono Vavin PM-840.00
    6. Batignolles Regular-705.00
    7. Mono Mini Noe-585.00

    ....thats my list...

    if you have any other suggestions, please post them!!! (remember, not too expensive and too big, because I am a very short 12 year old!!)

    sorry for the long post!

    THANKS!! :yahoo: :jammin: :yahoo:
  2. For a 13 year old: Reade PM or a Papillon.
  3. i think u would look very cute with the vernis pm. i think the vernis in framboise is very cute and youthful.
  4. I vote for the Frambosie Reade PM :smile:
  5. mono 25, you can carry it forever.
  6. I vote for a speedy - they seem to be popular with the girls at my daughters prep school- (thank goodness she's into ice hockey). Congratulations on the good grades:yes:
  7. thanks!:smile:
  8. I say reade pm or else a mono speedy. I know speedy 25s are $575 and 30s are $595, don't know about the rest of the prices probably about $20 cheaper, I'm guessing.
  9. I's say either a vavin PM (ADORABLE bag!) or the Reade PM. I remember u wanted the reade before, maybe buy that? it's also ALOT more youthful and I feel it would suit you better! Umm I wonder do they make the Reade PM in Pomme D'Amour?
  10. Get something that you can use even when you get older.

    So I would say the Speedy or the Papillon from your list.

    Have you thought of the Popincourt Haut ($860.00)? Its slightly more expensive then the Vavin. Perhaps it may be too mature? Maybe I carry too much stuff but I always found that bag to be small.
  11. I adore the Mini Noe! Post pics when you come back please! :biggrin: Does the mini noe fit on the shoulder?? I'm guessing by the size it wont?
  12. i have REALLY skinny arms, but i i tried it on at the store here 2 weeks ago, and it cut off the circulation in my arms :roflmfao: !!
  13. I forgot to add this bag as well

    Mono Spontini-675.00

    do you think the Spontini is a good bag for someone my age?
  14. see you guys tommorrow..hafta go to bed! lol!!! see ya!
  15. I agree! I love the speedy!!:love: