After looking for what seemed like forever, I FINALLY found...

  1. A HOT PINK AGENDA IN CAVIAR LEATHER!!!!!!!! I wanted this agenda (well, or any Chanel agenda because all of them are SOO cute!) for such a long time and couldn't find one! SAs at NM, Saks and all boutiques said that Chanel didn't and doesn't make agendas! Some of the PFers said that some lines had agendas but were discontinued. Well, I found one this past weekend!

    My bf and I went for some innocent shopping (I was going to buy him a gift for his birthday) when we walked into a Chanel outlet at Woodbury Commons and saw this beauty. As soon as the SA gave it to me, I grabbed it and ran to the register. When my bf found out how much it was ($200), he seriously almost had a heart attack! He kept telling me that I just wasted my money on this one. I wish he knew how wrong he was... I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT!

    The second pic shows the agenda with refills that came with it. The third pic shows my own refills (which, I think, are a lot more fun!). I was going to buy a Tiffany pen but then got scared that it may explode and ruin everything in my bag! And since their pencils are ridiculously expensive (around $100), I decided to get one from Staples. This one seemed very cute and FUN. But do you think it's a little too childish? Does it look ridiculous with this agenda? Please, give me your honest opinions!

    Sorry this is so long! But I am just SO excited!!!!


    P.S. Oh, and I also bought small post-its to match the pink & blue tabs and green & yellow on the pencil (exact color matches...who would have thought??). I went all out for this agenda...LOL
    agenda 1.jpg agenda 2.1.JPG agenda 3.1.JPG
  2. Honestly, I don't think $200 is that much for such a nice item. It sure is nice, you lucky ducky!!
  3. It's really not that much at all. Enjoy it!!!!!
  4. That's what I think, too!!!!! Plus, it's Chanel! It's durable and classy!

  5. the agenda is GREAT! it's timeless and the color will brighten your day.
    the pencil adds just the right amount of whimsy.
    congrats and enjoy!
  6. $200 is a great price! boyfriends, some will never understand.

    I'm sooo glad you finally found one!! yay, i love how things come when least expected. the pencil is cute but have you thought about getting a mechanical one? i'm those cute little thin (and small) mechanical pencils in those asian stationary stores, a pink one would look nice!
  7. Thank you Jen!

    This pencil is also mechanical! That's what I liked about it! It's small, cute, and mechanical (the most important things you need in a pencil...LOL). But I should definitely check out the ones that you're talking about...they sound cute! :yes:
  8. Congrats on your new buy - i love the color. I think its fun how your personalized it .
  9. Congrats! So Cute!
  10. congrats its so cute and such a great buy!! did they have any other agendas there?
  11. I love it!!
  12. $200!!!??? That's an amazing price IMO!

    It's fabulous!!! I wonder. . . did they have anymore?

    I love it, GREAT buy!:yes: Make sure you add it to our Accessories thread in teh Reference Library!

    IMO, the pencil is a little juvenile looking, I'd probably try and find a metal-tone one.
  13. Yes 200 is INCREDIBLY cheap! woww you lucky you!

    I wanted to order an agenda at original price (about 450) from the Chanel boutique but they say they can't take my order because they no longer make them! *and here you found them at outlets*

  14. 0o0o0 o0o its so CUTE!!! totally love the colour!
  15. yeah sucks because chanel outlet will NOT ship. I wonder why?