after long disappear.... sea strikes again - update on page 2!

  1. i know i've been disappearing from the bal forum but today for the first time after a few months i broke my ban on buying a balenciaga...
    this time it's a pistachio '04 MINI coin purse aaarggggghhh :yahoo:

    how can i resist not to buy it?

    i'll get the mini tomorrow and will post pic soon along with my turq '04 mini coin purse!
  2. woohoo!!!!
  3. Welcome back Sea! :smile:

    Ack, a pistachio '04 MINI coin purse? :wtf::nuts:

    Cant wait to see pics :nuts:
  4. Seahorseyyyy! You came back with a bang! Congrats!
  5. LOL i've been buying a lot of chanel bags lately and i haven't found a b bag that i really want, but i can't resist cute access :roflmfao:

    can't wait to pick it up tomorrow :p

    anybody remember the retail price when it came out?
  6. YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back! Whats been happening!

    I had wondered where you were when I came back to the forum.

    Missed ya :flowers:
  7. Good for you! Love that willpower:boxing:
  8. OMG, you're back!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    That Pistachio of yours sounds delish! Pics, please!!!
  9. LOL yeah, i've been naught and been buying some chanel bags lately, and i didn't dare to visit the bal forum afraid of temptation :roflmfao:

    i haven't got the mini cp with me now, will pick it up tmorrow.
    will post pic right away after that :yes:
  10. You know it.. hee hee
  11. ^^ yay, i'm happy you're back sea!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. but we all know you can't stop there girl :p
  12. Hee hee hee....another former junkie returns! *LOL* Great to see you seahorsie! I have been gone a long time too and just came back.
  13. ha ha ha.... u girls are EVILLLLLL :roflmfao:
  14. Ohhhh Sea~ I am so happy you are back!!! :heart::heart::heart: I have missed you soooo much!!!! I can't wait for the pictures!!!! :yahoo:Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Welcome back Sea. :heart:I hope every else is great with you girlie.;) Congrats on your Balenciaga. :yahoo: