After Interview Thank you letters - is this too long? or too much?

  1. I was a recruit for a few months, and it doesn't seem too long to me... best of luck to you!!
  2. Thanks for all your input!

    so I just finished my phone profiling test/interview thing with an assessment company. These things ALWAYS makes me nervous... so I'm anxious to see how this will turn out.
  3. Good luck, sheis!!! Keep us updated!! :flowers:
  4. It's been 3 days since I did my profiling test (I did it on Tuesday) and I haven't heard back from them yet. I don't want to start thinking things because I will just drive myself crazy but I am definitely nervous about it... they've gotten back to me the next day throughout the whole process and this is the longest it's been without a word.

    They say it doesn't take that long to process and get sent back. Usually within 24 hours but it can be 48... So hopefully I hear back from them today or something.

    When you don't hear from them for a couple of days is that a bad sign?
  5. No it's not a bad sign. Sometimes vendor tests can take a while, sometimes the review of the test results with the hiring manager can be delayed due to meetings, days off, whatever.

    But since it's Friday, why don't you give your recruiter/HR contact a call to inquire about your status? It doesn't hurt, won't "bug" anyone and may give you peace of mind over the weekend.

    Good luck!
  6. I don't go through a recruiter or anyone in HR. I've only dealt with the line manager and the director.

    Well my friend brought up a point that if they had already received the test and the results were bad they wouldn't be waiting an extra day or wasting time to tell you that this test didn't move you to the next step. So at least think of that they just got it or haven't gotten it yet or they did and now they are just panning out what the next steps are.
  7. I agree with your friend: if the tests are negative there's no sense in taking a long time to tell you.

    Do you feel comfortable contacting the line manager? you could say something like, "just calling to follow up on the next steps...are there any outstanding questions I can answer for you or is there any additional information I can provide at this point?"

    I tell recruiters/hiring managers all the time that Friday's are the worst days for candidates if they haven't heard anything, so always make it a point to contact candidates then, even if there's no progress. Gives candidates piece of mind over the weekend and instills some good faith, KWIM?
  8. Well I am glad you agree with my friend :smile: I'm just so nervous because I really want it! I have a friend who works on an equal management level as the manager I have been interviewing with. He just gave me some insight on the process and that because the manager who is going to be hiring me only started back in April he has to make sure to go through all the right steps.

    I don't mind calling him towards the end of the day if I haven't heard from him. Usually we have talked and even interviewed late in the day (4-5). I just don't want to be annoying if he hasn't even received the test or is actually panning out the next steps. Because say this test came out good the next steps would be one more meeting where the offer would be presented.
  9. Do give him a call later on. Since he started only in April, he's gotta relate to what it's like to be a candidate for a job you really want and the waiting has got you on pins and needles...

    Good luck and post back here with updates!!
  10. I decided to wait until Monday to follow up. I know it is the week end of a short week for us here. So I don't want to put more on his plate since we won't be able to discuss anything until next week anyway...