after getting stitches removed

  1. So now that the surgery is over for the mole excision, what can I expect to look like in 6 days when he removes my stitches? When will I look normal again?
  2. I don't know how big the incision was, but it won't ever look normal. That being said, you will always have a small scar. Provided it was done correctly and you take proper care of the site that was worked on. I would not touch it or scratch, as that means it is healing properly. HTH!
  3. shoe--glad to hear it went well. Just do like PinkSuade said and you will be fine. After you get the ok from your doc, you may want to use Mederma to lessen the scar. Keep us posted!
  4. OH boy you have me worried. I am not sure on the size of the incision, however the nurse in the room was updating me as the procedure went on. She said the sutures were very small and tight. She kept saying that it looked great.
  5. Usually you will have a small scar, but it will fade over time. I have had a few moles removed and you can barely see the scars anymore ( I got 3 removed in '98). You can probably put Mederma on it after the stitches come out ( ask the dr first, though). Good luck!
  6. I had a mole removed a few months ago at my ab. It's about the size of my pinky. Unfortunately now it look like I have a RED bump on my ab. It look worst then before I had the mole removed! Whenever I wear tight shirt, it shows a bump on my ab! I have tried Mederma to minimize the scar for my nose job, but it doesn't really help to reduce scar. Any other suggestion?
  7. I used Vitamin E when I had stitches removed from a head injury.
  8. Ok ladies, thank you, but I am going to try and think positively and remember all of those people on here who said their scar healed up nicely. I know I will have to take care of it a lot once the stitches come out, and apply whatever the PS tells me to.
  9. hey i had some moles removed on my face about 3 months ago and the scar seems to be crater like. I am wondering if your scars seemed crater like at first and if they faded over time. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I had a small one removed on my arm and had stitches. I was hoping the line to be straight skinny line but it ended up looking round like a scar the size of the mole. It is indented a bit. I never used any cream on it though so I would try the mederma things. It has faded a lot over time. They did the punch excision for my mole.
  11. It will never look the same, but you can definitely minimize the appearance of the scar. Allow it to heal COMPLETELY before you start using something like mederma, and ask your doctor first.
  12. I had a mole removed off of my back and ended up having a keyloid scar left behind, bigger than the mole was and a bit reddish. It's been there all my life since I had it done, but it doesn't hurt and doesn't get nicked like the mole would.
  13. I would try Bio's great! You can get it at most pharmacies or online. I think it works even better than Mederma! I have a few scars and it has really helped. GL!
  14. I had a mole removal 7 months ago, i dont remember exactly how long after the stiches were out it took to fade/heal, but there is no evidence of a mole ever existing and there has not been for a while. I did not use mederma or anything like that just my daily/nightly face moisturizer which i would have used anyway since it was my face.
  15. Don't panic. If you do have a scar it will be minimal. My mom had a couple of moles removed from her face, and you'd never know she'd had anything done.