After FIVE years abroad, we're finally going home!

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  1. Wow!!!! I'm kind of torn over this. We knew we had to move back home for our son's schooling but I'm really going to miss living in Europe. We're moving to Perth which is in Western Australia and where I was born. Our families are on the east coast but we're going to be so much closer to them than we are now. lol!

    We've so much to do in 6 weeks!!! Sell the house, sort out all our crap, organise the kitties, organise schooling, find somewhere to live in Perth, cars, removalists, and the list goes on!

    I'm :crybaby: then :yahoo: then :sad: then :woohoo:.
  2. Eek I´m so excited for you! Lots to do, so I´m sending you virtual energy:biguns: You probably need to sell all your H stuff so the move will be easy huh:p
  3. that's a big move--good luck! don't worry, it will all come together.
  4. Quite excited for you and your family :heart:
  5. Beautiful weather, pristine beaches, wonderful wines and produce...

    You'll love it
  6. Wow Cal! Good luck w/ the move...don't let it overwhelm you and will all get done.
  7. Yay Good Luck - hope things go smoothly. I love moving.
  8. eeek that's a lot to do good luck with your move I'm sure everything will work out once the ball starts rolling
  9. Good luck with the move.
  10. Hope everything works out for you~best wishes.
  11. A new page in life. Take advantage of it. Good luck with the move!
  12. ooooh!! I know you must have mixed feelings, I love the Netherlands! but Australian weather!!! Girl, you will have summer again!!! no more dark clouds!!
    Good luck!!
  13. Thanks so much Ladies. I'm very excited to be going home. Not too keen on going through our second lot of school summer holidays in one year! lol.

    Now, any bets on how long it takes me to drive on the wrong side of the road?
  14. Good luck with the move....
    Perth is beautiful....
  15. Good luck Cal!! I have heard it is a wonderful place! A nice pace of life, weather etc! Enjoy!!x