After *EIGHT* Boys ! Mother Still Trying For A Girl !

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  1. [​IMG]
    The Bowen boys with their parents

    Despite a boisterous brood, mum Wendy Bowen is desperate to have a little girl after giving birth to eight boys.

    The 41-year-old is already mum to Samuel, 19, Benjamin, 17, Joseph, 16, Jake, 13, Peter, 11, Luke, eight, Malachi, five, and youngest Nate, two. Dad Peter completes the family. But Wendy still thinks she has room for one more child in her home - the daughter she has always dreamed of. Tragically, she has been pining for a daughter after their losing first child, a little girl, at eight months pregnant.

    Mrs Bowen, from Stambridge, Essex, said: "We had a daughter before our eldest son Sam was born but she had cysts on her lungs and we lost her when I was eight months pregnant.
    "We've tried for girls ever since."
    She added: "I would love one more just in case it is a girl. My husband says no but he's been saying that for a long time - I just don't listen."
    However, the mum-of-eight is already run off her feet, rising at 4.30am to look after her strapping sons.
    She said: "My husband calls me Duracell bunny because I carry on and on and he doesn't know where I get the energy from but you just have to be like that."
    The one-woman whirlwind even manages to squeeze in a part-time cleaning job before finally collapsing into bed at 9pm, when her tree surgeon hubby takes over.
    The proud mum said her resourceful sons appreciate everything they have.
    She added: "They are all really good boys. They've never been in trouble and they'd do anything for each other." "I have absolutely no regrets. It was never our intention to have a big family but I wouldn't go back. It would be lonely. It's hard work but very rewarding"
  2. Someone I use to go to school with is in a family like that! She was one of 7 daughters, but her family quit trying for a son after the 7th girl! lol
  3. My friend Mandy is one of Seven girls too ! and her Mother's Brother has seven boys.... Yes true story ! :yes:
  4. I guess it is easy for me to say, having 2 boys and a girl, but it just seems like a slap in the face to the other children to keep "trying" for something they aren't - like you are sending the message that they aren't enough. It might be an unfair assumption, but whenever I see families with 4 girls and a boy (the youngest), I generally assume they wouldn't have had 5 children had their second been a boy. I realize that some families plan to have more children, so my assumption is not fair. I would have been happy with 3 boys, and my family would have been complete with 3 children, regardless of whether they had been all boys, all girls, or some of each. Maybe some families don't have to worry about this, but we simply wouldn't have the resources to care for and educate 8 or 9 children, no matter how badly we wanted one sex or the other!
  5. My mother is one of seven girls too! her father passed away in 1970 and she said he never once regretted or was sad/upset to have 7 daughters. He was happy to have 7 healthy girls! So sweet. :cry:
  6. Same here! I grew up in Springfield (Western Mass) and one of my friends was one of 7 daughters. Her dad was so frustrated that he named the youngest daughter Bobbie Jo!
  7. Why not just adopt a girl?:confused1:
  8. Seems a little silly to me, but as long as they aren't on public assistance, that's their business.

  9. That's my thought, too!
  10. sounds like my grandma ..... she had 6 boys and finally her 7th was a girl -- my aunt eve.. hehe.
  11. I can understand. A mother's maternal drive is very strong. If she lost a daughter I can see the need to have one even after 7 boys I guess.
  12. I don't think that she's saying "you boys aren't enough." I think she just wants a girl, as most women do. Obviously, if she didn't want all of those children, she wouldn't have had them.
  13. I think having a larger family is just simply uncommon for todays standards. Anytime a family has more than 3, it seems people need to somehow make sense of this odd phenomenon. So to explain it all...theories and hypothesis have to be constructed to explain it, justify it. How often does a mother with 3 or less children have to explain why or even entertain the thought of why they have the # of children they have? I have 6: 5 girls, 1 boy...the boy is the 4th child in the line up. Even with a boy in the mix... I still get the question, are you trying for another boy? Honestly, if someone asked me why I have a large family,with the openness of nonjudgmental curiosity, I welcome the inquiry. More often than not, questions are more about the questioner and their preconceived notions and judgments of my situation.
  14. i dont understand wehats the big deal? just because they want a girl how does that mean the boys are not good enough? I know someone with 17 children.....all venly mixed gender and they still want more!
  15. I think it's fine and I hope she gets her girl!

    Side story: My grandparents' first four children were all girls and while my grandpa loved them all dearly, everyone knew he was hoping to get a boy at some point. Finally, after a string of four girls, my Uncle Ed was born. Grandpa was so happy that he put up all his flags (he had been in the Navy, so he had amazing flags). The day after my uncle was born, my mom was leaving the house to go to school and one of the neighbors ran up to her saying, "Judy! Judy! My husband is so confused, what holiday is it?! All the flags are up!" My mom giggled and told her, "It's not a holiday, Papa got a boy!":P

    A few weeks later, my Grandpa went out and caught a ton of fish, so he spread them all out on a dropcloth and took a picture. He also laid his newborn son out on the cloth with the fish:rolleyes::P.

    So basically, you'll love all your kids the same, but there's always something special about finally getting the gender you were hoping for:P.