After Delivery - Confinement and Wrapping of the stomach..

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  1. hey guys! longg post... So im from the middle east...and after labor, the mother is usually subjected to this 40 day confinement period where she is confined to the house (duh :P) and force fed alot of food which the old folks deem "healthy"... so the food is basically lamb meat everyday..stew from lamb meat.. rice etc...

    i just had an argument with my mom about this because i think this will just give me a heart attack from the levels of cholestrol in lamb meat (especially since they wont remove the fats) and i dont believe in staying still for 40 days..she said exercise or exposing myself to the outdoors would b harmful...and she claims even doctors and "The west" are starting to believe this too.... do u guys have any ideas about this? i did some research and i know its mostly an asian thing...

    and.... my mother hired this indonesian..or rather booked come and do this traditional wrapping of the stomach... apparently after labor.. wrapping of the stomach really tightly after massaging it will make your stomach flat in no time and return your uterus to its original place.. i told my mother i rather just exercise and she said no..that this is way better...has anyone tried this before? or do you have any ideas if its true?
  2. Oh I would love to hear other people's feedback/opinion on this (esp. the wrapping part) because I am asian and I have heard about it too!
  3. I've heard of Indonesian wrapping part...flat stomach w/o exercising.. kind of neat.. IMO.. :P .... but the confinement part.. I've heard you shouldn't move around too much after delivering.. but haven't heard of an official # amount of days. I've also heard of not showering for a month.... because it will give you headaches later on? :shrugs:I think these are more traditional practices of the asian culture. Best of luck to you... and cOngrats on your newborn! ;)
  4. I asked my GYN about binding my stomach and he said it is fine to do it but not to expect it to help with anything. I didn't bind my belly (tried it, hurt like hell and made me bleed more), didn't excercise like crazy either, just the occasional walks with the baby and I am already back into my size 2 clothes. I returned to work last Thursday and everyone says that I look like I was never pregnant. I personally think that you can't undo what your body has gone through in 9 months by binding your belly.

    I am not breastfeeding so I have been on a super strict diet since I had the baby. As far as staying in, I have been told that it is OK to go out, even take the baby out during those first 6 weeks, as long as your not pushing yourself too much and you are setting the boundaries with respect to how you want your baby treated. Like I am super paranoid about the germs and don't like people touching or even breathing on my baby so I use the sun canopy to cover her day and night.

    Hope this helps but I think ultimately this is your body and your baby and you are the one responsible for both so you should decide how you want them treated.
  5. i've also heard binding makes you bleed MUCH more. Theres information on binding here for girls in the USA. I'm 99 percent sure that sometime last month a whole thread was on binding.. anyway....

    As for going outside with baby, my mum did the grocery shopping within a week of me being born and took me for walks all the time during the first couple of months. A bit of fresh air never killed anyone.

    You really need to talk to your mom a little more, explain that its YOUR pregnancy... I dont know if this would cause even more trouble because I dont know much about your culture and customs but if you feel you want to put your foot down do it. You'll only regret it if you dont.
  6. I know how hard it is w/middle eastern parents (my dad is definitely set back to to the '70s ). It's hard to say No because even when you do it doesn't matter because they're always right! (Don't get me wrong, I love my daddy but he thinks I do everything wrong) lol. Honestly, imo, when it comes down to it you can do what you want to do. Here they usually reccomend 6-8 weeks(?) before starting an excersize routine and I believe it's also reccomended to keep the baby home much as possible till they get their vaccines but I know that if you are breastfeeding they get an enormous amount of antibodies against germs and sickness. My girlfriend took her baby(breastfed) to the grocery store a week after giving birth while keeping him warm and snug in his car seat and he was fine. But, then again, my dad's wife had my dad bring my baby brother(formula fed) to her baby shower (She had him two months early) and he got sick after (then again, about 30 different people held him). So, i guess it depends. You'll know what's right with you and your baby :smile: Congrats on the baby!!!!!!
  7. As a Malaysian, we go thru a 45 days confinement periods too and get binded. Honestly I doubt is makes a difference but I just do it out of respect to the old ways..After all it, I don't see what harm could it do.It has been done for hundred of years...
    I do appreciate our confinement period because having a baby is exhausting and does things to your body.
  8. didnt have my baby but she said those binding women need to be booked in advance so it sparked this whole thing between us... i guess ill give it a shot and ultimately see how my body reacts to the whole labor thing... and like anitalilac said..if in the end it wont harm me, maybe ill just do it out of respect so my mom doesnt get all tensed up either... thanks u guys...
  9. lol yea! everything seems to have originated in the m.e and everything everyone else does is wrong~! lol... its funny and i guess these days they are starting to open up... at least here they are... ! so yea... good luck to us! :P
  10. I took my newborn out within a couple of weeks for walks - fresh air does you good! On the idea of confinement I can see why in some ways as you are so tired and need to rest and eat a high fat diet to breastfeed well so in that respect I can see the sense. I wish I had had someone to look after me and bring food when I had my daughter! However you do need to start moving about gently asap as there is a high risk of deep vein thrombosis after pregnancy and in fact tons of mothers died probaly of this here in the UK when the idea of confinement was strctly observed. Probaly you need a compromise with your mum? I've never heard of the idea of belly wrapping - your uterus will always move back to where it is supposed to be naturally so it seems a little arcane but then I am from a different background so don't know all sides of the story.
  11. well the whole belly wrapping thing is just like an old belief.. i think its a cultural belief of many parts of asia, the middle east, latin america as well.. its also a beautifying thing...but yea.. i dont know..i believe in a balance between western and traditional medicine..but the belly wrapping scared it can be too much pressure on ur uterus..but my mothers argument is that this has been done for centuries and people back then were healthier ? who knows..
  12. I am Greek and we are also expected to stay inside and not go anywhere to visit for 40 days following the birth. In our case though, it is a religious practice as the first place you are expected to take the baby is to church on the 40th day so that it can be blessed by the priest. The reason why we have to wait 40 days for that is because it is believed that a baby's immune system is very delicate during the first 6 weeks of life and thus should have limited contact with anyone outside of its immediate family. It is also believed that the mother needs significant time to recover from the delivery. I did follow this in that my baby stayed home for the first 40 days other than walks around our neighborhood. I, on the other hand, went to the gym after two weeks post-partum and would exercise for 1 hour while the baby was at home napping. My mom also talked about the whole idea of wrapping but I wanted no part of it. is also a Mediterranean thing!
  13. Confinement after birth has been done for centuries. It used to be done during the whole pregnancy, and after birth, around the 1500's to now. I guess It couldn't hurt to wrap your tummy up, I mean, what's the worst it could do?? :P
    As for the confinement part. I wouldn't like that. I'd go stir crazy and get cabin fever. Heck, I go crazy if I don't get out of the house for a day, Idk how I'd do for 40!! LOL.
    The doctors do tell you not to do any exercise for at least 6 weeks after giving birth, that doesn't include walking though ;)
    I would think that it would be your own choice. If you don't want to do it, I would explain that it's a different time now, and that you'd rather do things a little differently :smile:
  14. Many American women believe that wearing a girdle or binding after giving birth helps them get back their prepregnancy shape. I don't see any harm as long as it doesn't give you pain or increase your bleeding.

    All dr.s recommend that you take it easy while you are still bleeding because intense physical activity can increase bleeding and the chances of dangerously heavy bleeding. Of course, mild walks and some activity is good for you - they don't mean bedrest!

    And many people simply prefer not to bring a newborn out in public to avoid the germs and viruses from strangers. Babies attract a lot of attention, and the last thing a newborn needs is strangers wanting to touch him/her. So the 40 days likely came about as a safety measure both for mother and newborn. However, there are scores of people who take their newborns out days after birth and are just fine.

    You need to discuss these things with your dr. and then tell your parents what you and your dr. have decided is best for you. No one else can make those decisions for you, and you will only resent it if you are cooped up when you want to be out and about.
  15. The 40 day thing is mainly a cultural/religious thing not about germs. The baby is presented to everyone about a month after birth and there is a celebration or a church introduction. I think it is interesting but not sure I can follow it :smile: I like to get out and about. I will be breast feeding which helps shrink the tummy and protect the baby. I doubt I will bind it really does nothing.