After debating for months, I finally got my Woven Sophia!!

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  1. A big thanks to all you ladies who helped me decide, and to Lovecoach3 for helping get a Huge discount!! I'm IN LOVE!! This Sophia is perfect!! I didn't want to take the paper of, but I did so I could take some pictures :smile:. I didn't think he woul be as slouchy a the large. But she is :biggrin:. I was actually surprised because I was able to wear her on my shoulder. As you can see from the pictures, I have very large arms, so I was happily surprised :smile:. Please excuse the mirror and other mess, I didn't plan on posting these when I took them ;).
  2. :woohoo:

    This looks great on you!! I had the large and with a hoodie on it was snug.. It seems the handles are smaller then on my purple large sophia. I ended up returning the large woven and i'm getting a small... its just so cute!!

    Very nice, enjoy she is a great bag!!

    but sure to let us know about her first trip out :smile:
  3. Gorgeous, congrats girl!
    I love the woven sophia and you look great!!!
  4. nice bag.
  5. congrats on the pewter woven! you look great :smile: it's great to find a discount on a bag you've been stalking!
  6. Oh I love her!
  7. THANKS!!! I love this bag so so so much!! I can't wait to use her! I did put my plum heritage scarf on her, and the colors we're perfect together. However the scarf seemed to big for the bag. Just FYI. I think I'm going to find a nice jewel fob to decorate with.
  8. Nursie- it is!! I almost want to keep the receipt in the bag at all times, just so I can read "your savings: $348.00." all the time!!
  9. Congrats on the bag! I wish I bought it...they sold out at all the FP stores around me :pout: lol
  10. Champloo- I'm glad I got my act together when I did, I think I was literally hours from missing our. Surely a few more will pop up. There has to be one out there for you. Maybe you can call coach, and find one at an outlet?

    After hours of "Studying" I'm concerned about the leather. It seems thin, and I'm worried the woven will rip or tear. I LOVE this bag, so I will baby her as much as possible. Is there anything I can do or use to lengthen the longevity?
  11. Nice bag! The color is amazing
  12. Congrats~~
    The Pewter Woven Sophia is a great bag!!! I love the color and the stud details on the handles.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. I have the woven marielle and have used probably 20+ times with no issues with either the metallic leather or woven. I think if you are careful with your bag it should be ok. I actually got the black woven sophia this weekend because I had been so happy with the pewter marielle ;)
  14. ^Thanks!! I also love the little details, the studs bring. I think those brought ^me to the bag.
  15. she looks great on you! congrats