After countless breathless and tiring journeys....

  1. I have managed to acquire the Jack and Lucie Key Chain in the usual monogram colours. Apparently, according to my SA, I bought the second to last one in the UK. :graucho: Well worth it, I can tell you!!! They look marvellous giving each other company attached to my Cles in Monogram Canvas. Anyone else got the Jack and Lucie Key Chain? and what do YOU do with it?
  2. I have both colors. I love them. I use them as bag charms on my Damier, Mono or Denim pieces.
  3. I don't have them, but they are super cute! :nuts: Congrats.

    Somewhere on here has posted a pic of the orange-white charm on her denim speedy :drool: Bloody Gorgeous!!!
  4. yay congrats! i love them in the white and orange, but know i will not be able to get it! xx
  5. Yay congratulations.
  6. Congrats! I have my orange/white one attached to my Mandarin Jasmin and the mono ones are just hanging out until I decide to put them on a bag.
  7. Yes! I have the MC Jack & Lucie! I usually put it on my denim bag, but today I hooked it onto my shorts on the belt loop! It looked so cute there!
  8. Oo really second to last one? i got mine from Birmingham a few days ago and they struggled to find one! they kept looking in all the draws but in the end found one on display!
    Congrats !!!:yes:
  9. Congrats! I wish I hadn't sold mine!
  10. i keep mine on my mono rivets bag right now