"After contacting some of your references . . . . "

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  1. It doesn't look like I'd be a perfect fit for their store.

    Remember when I posted about Starbucks taking FOREVER to check my employee records?
    I gave the manager time to check out my references, and my 'deadline' was today. I called her today to find out what was going on and that's what she told me.

    So now I don't have a job anymore.

    I'm giving it time before I figure out what to do.
  2. Bummer

    Good luck in finding something.
  3. Sorry that happened. Keep looking! You will find a better fit for you, just don't give up!
  4. I know what you mean!
    When I was looking for a lawyer where to start my practice (read "someone who works 8 hours every day and more FOR FREE") I sent many Cv. I don't know how disturbing could be sending an email saying "No thanks" instead of silence... I think it's not polite!!
    If you are not willing to take someone, just let him/her know asap, so she/he can do otherwise! I'm sorry for you, hope you find a better place! :smile:
  5. Keep your chin up! Everything happens for a reason. You'll find something perfect for you soon!
  6. That's terrible. So sorry this happened to you. Do you think it was something one of your references said?..Strange. I sort of followed your threads on this and it sounded as if you had the job and that the checking of the references was just a formality.

    Oh well....at any rate...perhaps this job was not meant for you..perhaps a BETTER position awaits you. Always look at the bright side of things and never place all your eggs in one basket. Cliche, I know but they are SOOOO true! ((Hugs)) A new job is coming your way soon!
  7. Sorry this happened. I hope you find something!
  8. Gosh, that is annoying. I'm sure you must be irritated, as I would assume you had stopped looking, since it sounded to me like the reference check was a formality, and the job was secure.
  9. Caitlin ~ I'm Sorry. I Definitely Wasn't Meant To Be...You Will Definitely Find A Job That Is Just For You!!!

    How New Are Those References? I Would Definitely Go Back & Check With Each Of Them. One Of My Sweetest Friends Went Back To A Company ~ About 5Yrs. Later (They Asked Her!)...I Don't Know The Whole Story ~ But, One Of Her References Within The Company ~ Wasn't Too Kind. I Believe In The End She Was Still Offered Something...She Never Took It...Too Many Headaches!!!
  10. Awww Caitlin I'm sorry :sad:

    You should have used me as a reference--I would have given ya a great recommendation! :smile:
  11. That is odd, what did your references say?
  12. I am sorry Caitlin! Thanks so annoying I would be fuming! They seriously should have let you know sooner!
  13. Oh that really sucks, do you know of any reason why one of your ref's may not have worked out for you??? Or any idea which one so you can change them next time
  14. I am really sorry that happened to you. :sad:

    You will find the perfect job in time.
  15. Caitlin...Go over yer references..Sounds like Someone is badmouthin you.U need to take that one reference out of your resume