After Christmas reveal!!!!


Sep 4, 2010
Hey all!
I have been so so so good and have not purchased ANY LV in 2.5 years. The last thing I purchased was a clemence wallet for my birthday back in 2014.
I just have been quietly perusing the forum looking at everyone else's goodies :smile:
Earlier in the month I scored two pre loved pieces toiletry 15 and 19 for inside my bags.
Once I started looking on the LV website I fell in love with the duomo hobo and really wanted it!! Since my
Local LV is inside a Macy's, I asked family for Macy's gift cards for Xmas to put towards the purchase of my new bag. And today.... I got it!!!!
Pics below!!! I am in love!!! This will probably be my only
Large purchase for a very long while so I need to enjoy it!!!!