After Christmas purchase plans?

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  1. So, i know the PCE jsut ended and DH was able to get me an item or two on my wish list. Due to limited finances he wasn't able to get me everything I wanted. So, I am hoping to get some cash for the holidays and to get the legacy stripe wallet post Christmas. Will these still be in stores? I hope that it will still be available.

    Anyone else? Any plans to buy after the holidays? I hope that I don't love another bag more than the one I may be getting. I may need to get a second job to support this habit.

  2. Video ipod and a digital camera, a canon powershot!
  3. I am hopeing to stay on a ban and not purchase anything!
  4. I'm going to Orlando (Disney World vacation! Yeah!), so I know I'm going to be tempted by all the outlets and malls, not to mention all the restaurants. So, this is a major test of my willpower. I must be strong, I must be strong......
  5. Well after Xmas, I know I am going to get an LV Ludlow wallet...but I have seen the new catalog and there are some things in there that have caught my eye.
  6. clothes, maybe shoes, depends whats on sale and how much. purse wise depends on outlets. I don't know I spent a pretty penny during the PCE event, so we'll see how that goes.
  7. I hope to take it easy for awhile after the holidays. I am really looking forward to using my new shoulder bag. Plus we are planning a few trips in the coming year.
  8. Only if there are really good sales. :yes:
  9. I'm getting a Canon A640 digital camera for Christmas! Now I can take pictures of my coach without involving my cell phone so maybe you guys can actually see what I am posting! Hopefully, I will be taking pictures of some new coach goods!
  10. Krispin how did you see the new catalog???

    I'm going to WV the first weekend of January to visit family, so I'm gonna go to the Hagerstown outlet while I'm there. I just took back my legacy shoulder bag, I wasn't 100% in love with it. With that $300.00 I got back I think I'll go to the Leesburg outlet this weekend. I like getting a $400.00 bag for $150.00.
  11. New Coach from the spring line, new cell phone...sephora shopping spree. :love:
  12. I really want a Legacy satchel in whiskey, though I doubt I'll get enough money for that and have some left over to put in savings.
  13. If I don't get it for xmas. I want to get the pink vaio notebook.
  14. i think that it's a toss between the legacy hippe in leather or the carly

    i really like the carly

    and the hippie

    but hippie is like ali which i already have...decisions decisions...i'm thinking...should i get both?

    that would be too much.

    but i also want to see the andrea satchel IRL as well as the perferoated (sp) collection....and the gallery totes...i'm hoping they'll sneak in a patent version...

    and if they have any colored mini c's accessories i'm definitely getting those

    that's coach wise

    regular i'd want a new cellphone, as my plan is up soon. a new camera...deciding bxn olympus, canon or sony. and the marc by marc jacob watch i saw....*drool* gorgeous!
  15. coach-wise, i seem to be more thrilled with accessories than the actual bags...though i would be thrilled to find another bag i love as much as my carryall. oh, and i want the legacy ipod case (it was the reason i got that new ipod, really).

    non-coach, i want to buy a chanel. and a new digi cam (i'm kicking myself for not buying one before my trip!). other than that, i really just need to save money for fun.