After Bluewin's reveal I felt inspired to do some demage of my own:D My first Reveal!

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  1. After falling in love with Bluewin's beautiful goodies earlier this week I decided to venture out my local SAKS just to take a peek, but that didn't go as planned. And after months and months of working and lusting. I finally did it!!:P After all I want to arrive in Paris in style when I go in March:biggrin:[​IMG]
  2. Oooh a live one. Bring it on!
  3. Yahooo
  4. Yay! I'm here! Open, open.
  5. Open!!! so excited!!
  6. How exiting!
  7. Barbie, let's see it! Ohhhh ahhhh... Paris and Rome in March?! So jealous!
  8. Let's see!
  9. #9 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    Since I am only 18 and i am paying with my own hard worked babysitting money I could only afford to buy one item. If bought more I wouldn't be able to go Europe and do some major damage, but I am very happy with my first and only (for now) Chanel item. Any guesses??:P

  10. Oh I wanna go to paris next year too! :biggrin:
  11. Something classic? I wanna see! (and, I wanna go to Paris!!!)
  12. since it's your only one, probably something classic?
  13. jumbo or m/l?
  14. great minds think alike catsinthebag!
  15. Well, I do love me some classic flaps!