After being Chanel-obsessed for 2 years, look at LV again and realize....

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  1. same here ... :yahoo:
  2. I was LV obsessed for years (over 25)...I then bought my first Chanel last year along with 2 wallets. I then went back to loving LV and lusting after some bags but did not buy anything except a denim bag and some small accessories which I love. As hard as I tried I just could not find a LV bag I "HAD" to have. Then I went back to using my Chanel and now I feel like I am done with mono LV. I just sold 2 to my sister and wish I could sell my others because I just don't use them. I just think my taste changed and I am loving the Chanel leathers (I was never a big leather person). I am sick of the LV logo and don't want to carry bags that scream it. Maybe with age I just moved in to another direction. I still like LV and think a lot of the bags are great but am not inspired to buy any more. I do love their Vernis line and the colors they make.
    So now due to all the enablers here you got me hooked. I see so many things I want I just need to make up my mind what to buy for my 2nd chanel bag.

  3. Well obviously that's an exception!!!!!
  4. I love Chanel, I really really do. But these price increases are disgusting to me. The quality is not as great as it once was, the increases are almost every 2 months and I don't like greedy people/companies. I won't say any more about Chanel in this capacity.

    LV is looking better and better to me. So is Gucci.
  5. LV is nice too but I am into Chanel now.
  6. I used to be into LV big time! But now I'm really into Chanel. I've grown tired of the mono bags and that whole logo'd look :yucky:

    I do still love the Suhali line from LV.......that and I may want a Mirror Lockit......other than that, I really prefer Chanel :yes:
  7. I am a big fan of Chanel & LV.. there are always new bags in LV that I got to have I am currently crazy abt the iviore epis.. and the new monatiagne line.. I have my first LV bag when I was a kid I still have my first one.. although I already grew tired of monogram canvas ...couldnt really manage to sell any of them yet.. I guess I will just keep them in my closet and one day I might pull it out and start loving it again... !!:smile: In the meanwhile, I love using my classic chanels, my lign camdon totes and my epis ...
  8. I used to like LV a lot, and am still. But the symptom of 'too many ppl carrying it' is bothering me. And am shame to admit that in Asia, there are a lot of 'too many ppl carrying a fake verison of LV'. that's what put me off. Otherwise i enjoy shopping at LV Singapore Ngee Ann City, the SAs are fab and friendly since i'm a regular, and i do make a point to visit HK and Beijing store when i'm there yearly to check out any exquisite piece of jewelry...i got the chinese lantarn pendant for their Beijing shop opening, how lucky! Since Chanel becomes my new LOVE now, things is going to change!
  9. any ideas for a great summer bag?