After being Chanel-obsessed for 2 years, look at LV again and realize....

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  1. yeah, I think about this from time to time.

    I was never a huge LV fan, but I bought the BH and I love it.
    Once in a while, I'll think about the day I bought it and how it seemed so pricey! now I TRULY wish I was more into LV, my collection would be MUCH larger!
  2. gucci fan">
    Lol me too i own more lv than chanel but i love chanel more :P i mostly use my lv when i travel as its very durable and i dont have to baby it.
  3. I bought my first designer piece 4 years ago. That was the classic lambskin flap and it was my first designer bag!

    I bought another Chanel 2 years ago, and then a week ago my hubby bought me a LV epi soufflot bag - hahaha your supposed to go up in prices and Im going back!

    Was never really into LV, but because of this forum Im a big fan of Epi and of the costume jewellery! (and the price). But Chanel will always be my fave.
  4. hmm, what about hermes such as birkin :sad::sad:
  5. i think lv has different lines with different price points. the suhali bags are slightly more expensive than the average chanel bag, but mono is so much "cheaper". epi i would consider the "moderately priced" lv's. i know i'm generalizing but you get my point ;)
  6. If i found an LV I loved, I would definately get it. But I am pretty much obsessed with Chanel and Balenciaga right now.
  7. Do you think that LV's bags are better quality, even though they are cheaper than Chanel?
  8. I love both LV & Chanel... I think some LVs are more affordable and some others are comparable in price to Chanel. LV caters for a broader market by pricing their bags at various price points...

    I'm lovin the style of Chanel bags but honestly I think LV offers better craftmanship & quality.
  9. I agree that LV is more affordable compared to Chanel.

    I save my pounds for Chanel now and only buy LV accesories for fun.
  10. In general LV bags are more cheaper and wayyyyy better craftmanship/quality then Chanel .
  11. My

    I don't own a LV bag the midst of wanting to switch brand (still luv Chanel)..I sort of...went to browse at epi leather...still couldn't justify my wanting to switch to LV . Yes..LV are cheaper (in general) but that not the reason I don't like LV..just don't like the canvas look & the leather...& some are just too "loud"..leopard print etc..
    My DH was with me..when browsing..he too, agreed with me...doesn't look "impressive" to him too.
    " too many people are carrying it"...he said. Hence..still will be buying chanel..(stop buying gucci too)
    Now that my brother has left for Europe again (I probably have to email him to buy another chanel for me instead)..only question is...what to buy now?? hehehe
    I really need a light cream colour bag (preferably in classic..don't think they are out.. in fall/winter season collection got to wait. I guess u gals know the feeling of waiting?? hahaha
  12. I do see flaws in LV bags from time to time too, but in general I do think LV bags are of better quality and craftmanship, while chanel quality is really going down hill... but i still love chanel styles a lot more....
  13. I really like both. Different bags from different lines for me.
  14. Yes I think so too Chanel have been price increasing like mad and I also believe that LV quality is better. But They seem too "traditional" in a sense to me. Maybe later :biggrin:
  15. After buying a few Chanel bags, just about everything else seems to be more (to use alouette's term which I like) wallet friendly. I still have my eye on an LV epi ivoire Bowling Montaigne GM.