After being Chanel-obsessed for 2 years, look at LV again and realize....

  1. how much cheaper LV bags are, even for their leather lines (not canvas) like the epi. I used to be LV obsessed but became a true Chanel fans 2 years ago so I haven't been looking at LV bags and their prices. But just checking out eluxury today and now I realize how much cheaper LV is, not just bags, even fashion jewelry...too bad I am still Chanel-obsessed so I am still going to buy more Chanel...

    Anyone feels like that too?
  2. I feel the same way that LV's costs are still cheaper than Chanel's. I like both. I especially love LV's canvas though b/c it's so easy to maintain and worry-free. I haven't been looking at them too much as of late however.
  3. Nope. The only LV bag that I like recently is the calfskin riveting in black. Also, I'm waiting on the Vernis Pegase to become available (definitely getting one of those - maybe two).
  4. I saw pics of the vernis the other day, it looks so beautiful!!
  5. My DH bought me the LV Manhattan GM for Christmas, I love it - but beyond it, nothing right now is a must have from LV for me - so I am all about Chanel at the present time. But yes, the prices are nicer, more wallet friendly...
  6. Yup, I'be been wanting to get a mono Petite Noe for ages. At $720 its seems a bargain vs. Chanel! I think LV has a lot of great bags for under $1,000 which is nice.
  7. I'm rather bias but I buy both and love both Chanel and LV :p
  8. ^ it's ok to love both, I guess my initial question is I am actually surprised that LV is a lot more affordable, even though their prices keep going up constantly too.
  9. I used to love LV, I guess it just got old after awhile. Chanel is so my fav.
  10. yea, i definitely see what you are saying...i like LV but after being a Chanel convert, i prefer Chanel over LV now..although LV still has cute things, and overall, their prices are more wallet friendly..haha..
  11. I think anything is more wallet friendly after buying Chanel bags! lol
  12. I like LV, but sold most of my LV to fund my Chanels. I only have one mono LV now and a few vernis pieces. I think Chanel offers more styles and diversity. Though I hate how expensive they have become.
  13. I love both brands! But I agree, to buy a Chanel I have to save money for longer, than when buying a LV.
  14. I agree with you as far as bags and jewelry, but the epi wallet that I got is priced comparable to Chanel wallets, and LV sunglasses too. Too bad those are the only 2 LV items I'm interested. LOL.
  15. I far prefer chanel to LV. Funny I own more LV.