After BDing, do you lay in bed to give the swimmers a better chance?

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  1. I've been laying in bed about 5 or 10 minutes after bding. Is that necessary and if so, is there a certain position I should be in?
  2. I had my legs up in the air by lifting my hip with my hands. i did get preggo. 5wks today.;)

    but honestly dont know if that was the reason i got pregant...but doesn't hurt to try, right?:smile:
  3. I've read that it's not necessary... if the timing is right, your fluids should bring those swimmers right up to the goal!!! I've also read, though, that you if you don't have as much fertile fluid during the fertile period, that they do recommend you lay in bed (just horizontal, I think) for 1/2 an hour after BDing.
  4. Yup I did lie on my back for 30 minutes usually.
  5. yes, I always did that, in fact, DH stuffed 2 pillows under my toukis everytime! LOL!
  6. I do... I put a pillow under me too and hold my legs back and everytime DH says, "You look funny".
  7. I do it too but am questioning if it really helps or not as well.
  8. I did it. I lied in bed with pillow under my butt for 30 mins. I didn't do it in the beginning when we first started TTC, and this may be TMI... but fluid would come out when I get up right right after BD-ing. With the 30 mins, less or no fluid comes out. So I don't know if it actually helps or if it's just in my head.
  9. my gynae actually recommended me to do this as i was diagnosed with a tilted womb. there shld be some logic to this.
  10. I stayed on my back with the tush under the butt the first time and just on my back the second time. I got PG on the first time both times, so I think there is a method to my madness. I stayed that way for about 30 minutes, or until I thought I would pee if I didn't get up.
  11. I also layed in bed for 30 mins after bd. Also sometimes i would lift my legs up in the air or use the pillow. lol
  12. what does bd(ing) stand for?
    edit: nevermind i figured it out. i figured it meant sex, but wasn't sure what exactly it stood for. :P
  13. I don't know what BDing means either. LOL

    But anyway, like qtiekiki, I did that too when hubby and I were 1st TTC. Because I noticed when I get up or just lay flat on the bed after, some fluids would come out too. AND I've read on the internet (pregnancy websites) that it would help to put both of your feet up OR place 1 or 2 pillows on your behind after "bding" (sorry gals! I really don't know what exactly that means, but I assume it's something to do with TTC ;)). SOOOO.. yeah it worked! You just have to believe that whatever you do that you think will help you conceive.. will work. "Mind Over Matter".
  14. BD = baby dance (on most TTC forums)
  15. ^^oooh. okay! Thank you!!!! ;)