After Balenciaga..which brand do you crave?


Nov 2, 2006
I have been an LV fan for more than a decade, saw a couple of B bags in magazines and those pictures didn't do anything for me.......but after reading all you bbag girls' ranting about the leather quality and the OH SO WONDERFUL and VIVID colors I saw...I now own 4 b bags ( and I want more!). I never thought I would be disloyal to LV (and gucci) before THIS fever happened to me :crybaby:.

Now its

#1 Balenciaga
#2 LV....

No offense but I no longer find Gucci bags attractive (except for its beltbag), Balenciaga has ruined it for me:shrugs:
Honestly I dont "crave" another brand.
That craving is really unique to bal what I am conerned.
I have a couple of Diors and Fendis, sold all my LV and only kept their accessoires. I was thinking about getting a spy but I think it's not really me.
Maybe the only one that I really would want would be a Hermès Birkin.
But in a couple of years!
Yep, I got on the Balenciaga bus and haven't looked back. I've sold most of my LV, although I'm keeping my speedy and some accessories. The only other brand I've been checking out lately is Hayden Harnett - the bags looks really nice, are unusual, and much less expensive.
I love bbags but then I think if I had unlimited funds I would get sucked into the Chanel and Bottega Veneta worlds. And yes, I have a couple of Hayden Harnett bags and really like them. I definitely don't have enough closet space...
I'm way more obsessed with and have more Balenciagas than any other, but I also have a deep love and devotion for Fendi. I love them equally but in different ways. I continue to carry and buy both.
I've had lots of brand-bags before Balenciaga, like Hermès, LV, Chloé, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Gucci, Fendi aso. aso. - sold them all !! I only kept a black Hermès-Birkin and just bought a chocolate-brown Birkin (for classic, neutral and special events) .... but otherwise I ONLY love Balenciaga :yahoo: :yes: :love: