after Balenciaga, what is your second favourite brand?

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  1. Balenciaga is my #1 brand for bags, after that I would say Chanel.

    With most other brands I like singled out styles but not the brand overall: eg Fendi Spy,
    Marc Jacobs Stam ( also: i looove his shoes),
    and just a few from Louis Vuitton like the cherry blossom line, but nothing from this year...
    with chloe, i have a bad relationship because my paddy failed me and we're not friends anymore :cry: lol :smile:

    anyway, i think it's really interesting to find out which brand comes second for each one of us!
  2. For me its Louis Vuitton, although I have serious Spy fever at the moment. Not so much the newer stuff, but the more classic pieces. Let me loose in an LV store, and I guarantee you my life savings would disappear only slightly slower than they would in Bal NY.

    I don't even know why - I used to really hate LV. Go figure! :lol:
  3. DIOR!! baby
  4. Bottega Veneta
  5. Chloe/Loewe
  6. For me that would be Chloe. I:heart: my paddy!
  7. I would have to say Yves Saint Laurent--but not necessarily the Muse.

  8. oh yeah! i have a white mombasa from s/s 04 that is one of my favourite bags. it was my moms but she's not a trendy person so she ends up giving me most of her stuff 2 months after she buys them... recently she bought a white/black fendi b bag which she has worn once. she just keeps carrying around a horrible beaten up gucci backpack, which i hate! my mom is so cute now that i think about it. that gucci bag is like 8 years old.
  9. gucci, gucci, gucciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
  10. Bottega Veneta
  11. Louis Vuitton - woo hoo!!!
  12. Louis Vuitton! I can't believe I don't go to the LV forum here! Balenciaga rules my life now!!!!
  13. chanel :yes:
  14. Louis Vuitton and Chanel

    I adore Chanel's sunglasses
    and the limited edition Louis Vuitton items from Murakami
  15. LV is also a fave but I want to start venturing into Chanel territory.
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