After almost 10 years, I'm getting a Miu Miu

  1. I'm going in and ordered this beauty:


    any comments, good, bad or ugly? I love it but she can certainly go back if the jury changes its mind. :graucho:
  2. I love the shape and texture of this bag. I also like how you can carry it under your arm or across your body with the longer strap. Post pictures please when it arrives. TIA.
  3. Exactly ECMD7! This is my first big spurge and aside from the bag being beautiful, I love how practical it is. As you mentioned, it can be carried several ways and the LARGE outer pockets are really convenient. Pursegrrl, it's a great bag. You won't regret it!
  4. Like it a lot! Am considering it myself.
  5. :crybaby: I sheepishly admit, I chickened out. I have not spent that much $$ on something that's relatively trendy, as gorgeous as this bag is. :confused1: . I'm bummed but not without hope she'll be mine someday soon!
  6. Great bag, nice leather, roomy, functional, enjoy
  7. great bag! and love the folds of leather...makes it so nice and feminine!
  8. Love the coffer. I've been looking at this bag for a while, but I missed out on the sale last night.