after all these speedies topics

  1. and especially the celeb speedies' thread, I'm now convinced on getting one as well :yahoo: ...... I wasn't so sure since so many people have it . And I know lots of speedie owners LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE theirs, but my question is does it ever bother you that you can't put it over your shoulder or uncomfortable when you have to hold it for a long time? ... I'm planning on using it as an everyday. I had handle bags before and hated it when going shopping (no free hand :sad:). That was also another reason why I was torn with the speedie ....... I need help :sweatdrop:
  2. hmmm... well you *CAN* put it over your shoulders (or at least I but I do NOT recommend it because your arm either goes "horizontal" or you end up squishing the bag.....

    hmm... lemme see if I have a pic to show you, be back!

    EDIT: here you go, as you can see, it looks very very awkward imo... Also, no worries guys, I don't actually carry it over my shoulders, the pic was taken as a "demonstration or reference":p If you must carry it over your shoulders then get a strap... but even the strap is a bit funny imo....:push:
  3. I think you're making a wise choice! It's a popular bag and a must have for every collection.

    Have you considered getting a strap for it, perhaps? :shrugs:
  4. It's definitely not comfortable on the shoulder for the same reasons Cecilia stated. Besides, it's hard to get into very easily if it's all the way up there anyway.
    But no, you get used to it. I used to be strictly a shoulder bag person, now I have more hand held bags than I do shoulder bags!
  5. I love my speedy and its a great classic that every girl should own. I cant fit mine over my shoulder, so sometimes clothing shoppin with it can be annoying b/c you have to put it down a lot. Some people buy straps for their speedys, but I personally don't like the look of it with the strap.

    Have you considered the Batignolles Horizontal as an everday bag if you prefer a shoulder bag? Its quite roomy and is more hands-free.
  6. I have a Damier Speedy 25 and I love it. I bought the strap and keep it in my bag for when I am shopping. Some TPF'ers think it looks bad with a strap, but I don't. I only use the strap when I really have to. Otherwise, I consider it a hand held bag. Speedy is a great bag. You will love it.
  7. sorry if I confused you guys. I wasn't thinking of using the speedie over the shoulder, it would be a scene :p ..... I was asking on the comfort level of hand held v. shoulder strap since I'm more of a shoulder bag person. But I think the speedie is really growing on me and like John said, a must have :wlae:

    I don't think I want to get the strap for it though. I just need to get use to holding it or have a pochette throw inside so I can use the pochette instead while shopping. That should solve the problem of no free hands :happydance:
  8. I love my speedy! Its a great bag & a classic style. it doesnt bother me so much thats its a handheld...I put in on the crook of my arm if I need both hands....or I guess you can get a strap...I am not a fan of the strap but everyone has different opinions.
  9. thanks CEC.LV4eva for the demonstration :smile: don't worry I won't be wearing it over my shoulders. Btw, both of you look lovely. I'm more convinced :smile:

    thanks everyone else for your great inputs as well :smile:

  10. WOW. You are really rockin' that Speedy!
  11. I have three Speedies Damier 25, Mono 25 and Fuschia Neo Speedy. To be honest I have hard time with hand held bags. The 25 looks small but it holds a lot and if you're doing a long shopping day it can get uncomfortable to hold in had or on arm.

    Nevertheless, it is a great bag and you have to get one for sure!!!

    By the way, if you're a mom with a Toddler like I am, you'll have to let the Speedy rest. Almost impossible to use the Speedy and chase/carry/run after a little one!
  12. Great choice! Love the speedy!
  13. Love my speedies as well! Go get one!
  14. I have never been a hand bag person, I always wanted something on my shoulder and I love my Speedy. I does get a little cumbersome at times on my arm when trying to do certain things, but you get used to it. You can't go wrong with a Speedy.
  15. The speedy is a very light weight bag. Also if you go to out to eat alot you can get one of those purse holders and keep it in your bag. The only time I would suggest leaving it home is if your plannig on buying massive amounts of stuff.