After all, there she is...+pics~~~

  1. well, my DH and I went to the store and picked her up this weekend. The sales who always help me quited her job, so I had a new girl who helps me. Her service was fine, but she looked tired and not so happy. I guess I have to find someone else next time.
    OK, while I was at store, I looked around and tried a few bags. My DH likes black Aurelia on me, and he thinks it fits me better than Noe. But at end I decided to get white Noe becasue she was my first choice.
    She is the only one in the store, so I didn't get a chance to choose color combo. I love her so much:heart::heart:
    after we got home, my DH told me that he got me a 2nd hand black Aurelia, and she is on the way. I was so surprise and shock:nuts:. I will post some pics when she arrives.

    PS: I saw the MC zippy, they are so beautiful:tup:
  2. love your new noe
  3. congrats, its gorgeous. also how sweet of your DH. I have the black aurelia and love it.
  4. omg I just adore mc petite's so pretty
  5. So pretty, congrats!
  6. Very pretty congrats!
  7. Thanks. I was so excited after i got it, and i don't have any mood to study my test on Mon. My hubby said " I hope that you don't write something like multicolor on your test..."
  8. Gorgeous...

  9. Congratulations.
  10. Not a fan of noe style but I would say the MC noe is stunning!!
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see your Aurelia too!
  12. so cute...I always want a petite noe in MC, congrats!
  13. This bag's so pretty! Congrats!
  14. is gorgeous!
  15. beautiful, congrats!