after all the requests..say 1..2..3!!!!!!! woohoo!

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  1. here is my new belem pm!! :yahoo:

    thanks for all those who have been giving me advice to exchange my mini lin bucket for a bag that i absolutely adore and love! have received so many compliments (i took it out all weekend!!!!!) even went to perm my hair over the weekend and now i look quite sophisticated :graucho:,especially with this :heart:ly bag!

    oh and..just didn't know where to post this but..i'd also like to introduce ms. pinky Juicy bag!!

    oh oh oh room was in a excuse my poor posture! :shrugs:
    CIMG1027.JPG CIMG1028.JPG CIMG1030.JPG
  2. more!
    CIMG1029.JPG CIMG1034.JPG CIMG1035.JPG
  3. oh baby she looks hot!
    aren't you glad you exchanged the bucket?
    yay for finding a bag you love!
  4. Hey, there it is! Congrats!:biggrin:
  5. :yahoo:
  6. i LOVE the bellem... i think its one of the most usefull, comfortable, roomy bag that LV has ever made!! congrats, i'm soooo envious :smile:
  7. and the JC :P
    CIMG1031.JPG CIMG1032.JPG CIMG1033.JPG
  8. whoH:huh:o!!! Congratulations!!
  9. I haven't seen this one before - Love the shape,:love:
    It's beautiful.
  10. Congrats and Enjoy!
  11. love love love the belem CONGRATS!!!!!!
  12. Wow! What a beautiful bag! Just the right size for you too!:yes:
    If I ever made a wish list the Belem would be at the top!

  13. SO PRETTY! I love the belem. Congrats!
  14. She is a beauty!
  15. It's beautiful Rensky, I love both your bags:yahoo:
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