After all the hassle...I finally received reveal

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  1. #1 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
    So I have been waiting to get the blue suede weekender...but later I changed my mind and go with the Military suede due to the Blue suede is kind of close to my Tempete weekender...So I decide to go with Bal LV instead of my normal Bal NY...this is when my nightmare starts....My Bal LV SA is super nice...but the suede weekender was located at the City center location for their Grand City center is responible to send out the shipment...when the parcel arrived Canada, UPS said Bal LV forgot to send the authorization for brokerage form with the I have to authorize them for the brokerage service...after that Canada custom decide to open the parcel and check the bag...the Custom found the origin of the bag is different from the invoice Bal LV stated...Bal LV declared the origin of the bag is from US...then Custom decline the parcel coming into Canada and sending it back to US...I managed to get Bal LV involved and have them to resend the invoice to Custom...My parcel has stuck in Custom for more than a week for re-examination...finally it got release by custom...the UPS was unable to drop my parcel since the driver claims the is duty owned on the parcel...which I have paid $320.00 in duty 2 weeks ago and was assured by 5 different people that the tag of collection would be removed from the parcel...however it wasn't done till I have escalate to manager...finally I got this baby:cursing::censor: (sorry for the long story)
  2. some how the tag is not in metal but leather tag!!

    This bag is super soft!!!:yahoo:

    Here are the newest addition to my Bal Family
  3. oh gosh, what a story. glad the bag arrive safely though and it is such a beauty too!!!
    congratulation, i really like this
  4. OMGosh you poor thing! So much drama!! Don't you just hate incompetence!!!
    Well it was all worth it your bag looks gorgeous & so super soft.... all that totally yummy suede on a WE. Congrats & Enjoy! :smile:
  5. Glad your bag finally made to you. Congrats she is beauty!
  6. all the drama was worth it :smile: it is gorgeous. :love: militaire suede :heart:
  7. Glad everything worked out fine. Gorgeous weekender. Congrats & enjoy! :tup:
  8. Sorry to hear you had such a hassle, but in the end you got this stunning bag! Very pretty:smile: many congrats to you!
  9. Love the Militaire suede! Congrats - beautiful :smile:
  10. Wow, I totally understand your pain. Thanks to the incompetent Canada Customs, my parcel is lost somewhere right now. No one even knows where it is. It disappeared when it got to Customs' hands!

    I'm so glad your story has a happy ending! :heart: Congrats on the new addition! It looks really smooshy! :love:
  11. customs are always a pain in the ass :roflmfao::censor: but your suede miliatry weekender is TDF!!!:heart: congrats!!
  12. Looks super soft. :nuts: Congrats on finally receiving it. It's a beauty!
  13. Oh my, it really is frustrating when this happens, but am glad she's home safe now. I really love your bag, Militaire Suede is YUMMY and SUPER GORGY!!!

    CONGRATS! :yahoo:
  14. At least there was a happy ending and your new weekender is lovely.
  15. Wow, what a story... huge congrats on your hard-to-get beauty!