after all is said and done....

  1. here is the final (i hope) installment of my quest for a great bag...
    i returned the andrew marc large hobo and the kooba elisha to nm...
    i returned the gryson to bloomingdales (the shoulder straps can't seem to "find a place for themselves")...
    i looked around bloomingdales for a while and there, in a corner was a brand new selection of andrew marc bags...i saw one and really did fall in love with's brown with tonal stitching, it's an e/w bag which i love because i can find everything in has handles and a shoulder strap and several unobtrusive outside pockets and i just love, i put it together with the cherry and brown botkier biancas, the angie and jillian koobas, the michael kors e/w satchel (and a partridge in a pear tree)...and realized that when all the bags were lined up, i really loved the andrew marc...i was kind of surprised because i usually pick the most expensive bag in the store and this was, i want to thank everyone for putting up with my "bag anxiety" and trying to find the "one" for have all been really patient and i totally appreciate it...this is the one place i can go where people don't think i have an "illness" when it comes to pocketbooks!!!
    thanks all!!!
  2. Song: tPF is not the place where we don't think you have an illness, it's the place where we all have the SAME illness!!!!:lol:
  3. Hey!!! Sounds like you went full circle!! The joy is in the chase, you know....
  4. Sounds like the Sophia.. I also own that one..
    Is that the one you bought? Pics!!!!
  5. Call for photos! Must see! I love it already and I don't even know what it looks like!
  6. i've tried looking for it on the web and can't find one anywhere...arrgghhh..luna, can you post pics and i can tell you if it's the same one? meanwhile, i'm going to try one more search and see if i find it!!!
  7. Product Detail
    this is her...i just got the smaller size because it fits everything and then some! so, what do you think?!?!
  8. :drool::drool:
  9. Very pretty, songofthesea!:tup:
  10. Yes! That's my bag. :smile: It's an AWESOME bag. It has the cute little detachable coin case, I love the braided details, the contrast stitch, the leather is awesome.. the flannel lining is very soft and cool... the little tail thing is even cool too, but I dont have the balls to keep it attached to the bag. hhahaha... plus, the pockets are so great... there are so many.. i have places to put EVERYTHING in this bag.

    I got my Sophia in the Steel grey color, though :smile:
    Congrats Song, great choice!!
  11. Very beautiful bag. Bloomie site says its size is 10" H x 7 1/2" W x 5" D; 5" drop from shoulders and it is the large stachel. Is that correct?

    I believe both cocoa and steel grey are pretty.:drool:
  12. Glad to hear you finally found your dream bag. Congrats. I've been trying to find mine so I understand how frustrating it can be.
  13. Great bag! Congrats:smile:
  14. Gorgeous bag! It reminds me of a Gryson. It's great that you found a bag that you love, and didn't just settle. Congrats!