After a year....i have come to this conclusion

  1. I can't live without my gauffre! Its been in my mind for soooo long. And here it is with me at home.

  2. it's beautiful!
  3. Its newly bought n fresh out of the oven. I waited quite long for it. Finally the nagging call of prada had ceased. (for now)
  4. Love that!!!!! I have it in cera...and feel the same way....I feel GOOD when I carry that bag!!
  5. Thanks Emmy!

    I knew you guys will know what i mean. :flowers:

    Its been really disappointing that instead of congratulating me for my new buy, most of my family members and friends shook their head when they got to know how much i spent on it.:sad:
  6. Beautiful! Regarding friends and family -- I just don't tell people the cost of my bags. It saves on the aggravation. :smile: Just enjoy your lovely bag and think of it as "wearable art."

  7. ITA Minnette!!!! I don't tell anyone either.....holy!!! It would start an uproar.....and noone needs to know but me!!!:p
  8. Congratulations Classical!
    It's a gorgeous bag.

    I have a small collection of bags and if ever anyone asks, I just don't tell. What's in it for them anyway? It only gives them something to talk about.

    Here we can all stand together and congratulate each other on our bag purchases because we love them and we can relate to them. I've found that those who want to ridicule or shake their head on such purchases are only jealous of what we have. :smile:
  9. Congrats- love the leather/color combo!
  10. Thanks Pad and Valley! :flowers::flowers:

    I am so in love with Prada. I can't wait for my next buy!
    Yeah....i think i better don't disclose to them the cost even if they ask.
  11. congrats! that's a nice vintage-y shade :yes:
  12. It's so beautiful! I love the color.
  13. congrats and welcome to the club! don't be too disappointed at your family's reaction. i sometimes shake my own head at myself hahahaha! enjoy the bag and make it all worth while!!