After a year hiatus, I purchased 2 LV items!

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  1. I must admit that I did kinda - sorta switch to Chanel. I love LV but wanted to diversify, so I picked up a few Chanel pieces.

    While looking in my closet, I realized that my LV collection needed some attention.

    I had a Speedy 25 but always wanted a 30.

    I also wanted a smaller wallet in black epi.

    Now this isn't my entire collection but some deficiencies I needed to address.

    So...I listed and sold my Speedy 25 on eBay and purchased a 30 from elux. Well it came today and guess what???? I LOVE IT!!!:yahoo::heart: Then I noticed that the lock and key was SILVER!!! UGH!:crybaby: So I call up elux to explain the situation and they said they will ship me out a NEW one AND that I could keep the silver one;) So it's all good.

    My second item was this incredible black epi credit card wallet I scored from eBay. It holds 12 credit cards!!!! Got that today also and it looks BRAND NEW!!!:yahoo: (pic from eBay listing)

    All in all, today was a great LV day:supacool:
  2. Congrats! That is crazy about the silver lock, very strange, but cool you get to keep it! Glad to see you back on the LV side of things!
  3. congrats on sucha great deal!
  4. congrats on your new LVs!
  5. Thanks! I think I'll sell the silver lock so it's like a discount on the bag:yahoo:

    The elux rep was sooooo nice! I asked, "ARE YOU SURE?" She goes, of course! Said she was embarrassed they sent it out like that!
  6. Congrats, cool you got to keep the silver lock! And nice epi!
  7. Thanks. I will take a pic when my hubby wakes up (camera is in the bedroom and he works 3rd...I never interrupt his sleep esp today when he didn't even get off until noon:cursing:)

    I'm glad to be back on the LV side! I LOVE new LVs. This is my first elux purchase and I LOVE that the plastic is still on the handles.

    I am now waiting on my purse kit which I am a bit concerned about b/c I ordered all of these items on the same day and the one that cost the least isn't here yet:s
  8. Very cool hunting down the stuff that you wanted. Elux can be very funny. It was very nice of them to let you keep the silver lock. Someone on ebay will need it.

    I really like that epi wallet. I always carry TONS of cards, everyday there's another grocery store or book store card it seems like. Please post more pictures when it shows up.
  9. Congrats on you goods it's nice to see you back
  10. So do I (and before anyone says it, credit does not = debt). I have 15 cards:yes: and this is PERFECT!!! I can't believe LV would discontinue a wallet like this. It's better than I even thought it would be...LOL:wlae:
  11. Congrats! The wallet is cool!!
  12. yay, congrats!
  13. Congrats on maintaining your one year ban !!
    Glad you were able to get some beautiful things !!!
  14. uh did you look over the bag to make sure that it wasn't previously used or even to make sure it wasn't bait-n-switched??
  15. Congrats on your new goodies!