After A While You Just Get Tired Of Seeing Britney Like This **UPDATE** !

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  2. Britney and her manager Larry Rudoplh in NYC over the weekend. She rushed from her hotel minus any make-up and headed to a another building with her greasy maine in tow.

  3. OMG. She looks like a totally diff. person... it's sad.
  4. Does she have anything reasonably attractive in her closet? That jacket looks like it came from an old Sears catalog. What a mess.
  5. I got to thinking about this (please try not to groan so loudly), and it occurred to me that most of us during our teenage years do a lot of experimenting with clothes, learning how to put on makeup, fix our hair and whatnot, whereas all of Britney's teen years were spent sitting still while other people did all that, and very carefully made sure that she never stepped in front of a camera without being "styled" within an inch of her teeth.

    Now that she is "grown up," and no longer has to do what she is told, I wonder if, even putting all her long list of absolutely terrible choices aside, there might not be two completely independent elements going on, one, enjoying the freedom NOT to be "styled" all the time, and two, simply not having developed the simple skills that allow all of us to go to the grocery store far from styled, but still looking reasonably neat and clean and put together!
  6. Yes, I'm tired of seeing her looking like this. I'm also tired of commenting on her looking like this, so I'm not gonna say a thing.
  7. come on least she's covered up right?! she looked all right in the Baby Phat show...
  8. LOL! :p Old Sears catalog! Too funny!:roflmfao:
  9. Does she have a receding hairline?:nuts: What is she trying to pull with that hair...a normal ponytail would do if she doesn't want to get dressed up, she looks like an old man! dirty greasy old man that is.;)
  10. i think she looks ok... she's still pretty wihtout many make up on...
    i bet if i'm famous like her, i would be caught few times looking like this. who said a girl can't dress the way she's comfortable although it's viewed ugly by most people.

    the thing that suprised me most are when celbs like VB keep looking decent and ready to be photographed at all times, it made her less human to me and like she's living a dream life.

    snap shots like these are what made me realised that celebs are human like us, they have good times, they have bad times. they don't have to look perfect all the time.
  11. I agree with both ShimmaPuff and Seahorseinstripes. That's all I'm saying.
  12. In some shots she always looks like she has a bit of a gut (like in the first of the second set of pictures) and in others not! I don't expect anything different anymore when looking at pictures of Britney Spears out and about in public! For some reason she always seems to try to look her worse!
  13. I like her boots!
  14. ITA. she never really had a chance to learn how to be fashionble...she just had everyone else do it for her....

    but she really is a mess..
  15. another brilliant observation, mrs. puff.

    we all get to experiment when we're in middle and high school and then forget about it (save for the embarassing yearbook photos) when we've finally gotten it right, and britney was completely denied that phase of her life. she went from being a child to being a product without an opportunity to work out all the stuff that's inside of a person during adolescense, and i think we can clearly see the effect it's had on her.