After a month of waiting, I get my item.

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  1. What feedback should I leave?
    The product itself is an eyeshadow quad from mac, I got it, and the casing of the quad is dirty on the inside, and some of the blue eyeshadow is on the white eyeshadow... :s
    I was going to leave + but say that it took a month to receive and wasn't told this was a buy to order product.
    but now im not too sure.
    She sent me a "gift" because of how long it took a few weeks ago.
  2. if she didnt physically have the item when she put up and auction for it and then to ship to you straight after you paid then she broke ebay rules. I would give neutral at the most and mention its buy to order and the state of product.:tdown:
  3. I agree, for me that can't be a positive but a fair, factual neutral seems truthful.
  4. Should I contact her first? Or just go ahead and do it?
  5. umm i would say it depends on the previous communication between you and the seller..i would send a polite email explaining why u give her a neutral and then just do it.
  6. So the listing didn't state it was pre-order?
  7. Nope ...
    "This Auction is for a Brand new MAC 4 Piece Pandamonium Eye Shadow Quad Palette
    ALL 4 eyeshadows included are PRO COLOURS!
    1. Cloudbound - an off white with gold pearlized pigments

    2. Up at Dawn - a soft lilac (veluxe pearl)

    3. Violet Trance - a rich intense purple (matte)

    4. Pandamonium - a smokey grey with silver pearlized
    pigments (velvet)

  8. You could just not leave FB . I have done that.
  9. Did the seller give you an excuse when she sent you the gift. For example did she say, "I had a medical emergency, thank you for your patience, here's a free gift?" I had a seller go into labor right after I spent close to $1000 on a handbag, but since she had a baby and then you can't drive for 2 weeks after that, I was alright with that and still left her a +. If she did not say anything I would have given a neutral - something along the lines of "OK product, slow delivery."
  10. She sent me a note saying she was waiting for it to arrive in the mail, she sent the item to me on the 27th May, I paid on the 5th May.
  11. In that case I would leave a neutral or nothing.
  12. I think I'd go with the no feedback
  13. Okay! :smile: Thanks girls
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