After a long yr, finally i got a surprise call~

  1. It's not about CHANEL...Just wanna to share my feelings NOW. I rec'd a surprise call awhile ago and it was Inspector Adnan. U must be guessing why he called me, it's regarding my complaint that i filed a year ago abt a transaction that i made on eBay auction in singapore.

    The stories began......

    I remember i went to the police station to make a report on 25 April 2006 and was really upset with ANGER abt the whole transaction with this seller. I made the payment to her of SGD1300 via bank transfer. Was excited about the bag that i bought which is a Fendi Spy Cognac Bag, while i waited and waited and waited (nearly a wk), i don't see a sign of the bag.

    So i emailed back to the seller again to check abt the bag status, she didn't respond at all, her eBay account was shown as not registered as a member anymore. I WAS STUNNED:sad:

    There is no way i can contact her besides email, which means i'm not able to get back my money.

    After making a police report to them, I've waited for them to revert but there isn't any phone call until i got pregnant on Sept last yr. Now my son is 4 mths and two weeks old, finally my phone rang today. I almost fell off my seat (i'm at work now), inspector said he has given my contact # to the seller and suggested me to talk to the seller and see if we can resolve it on our own. Then i said OK, will wait for the seller to call me.

    After i spoken to the inspector, I rec'd a text message from the seller and she said she will refund me the money in FULL, i was really THRILLED! It made my DAY today:yahoo::yahoo:

    Now I GOT back my money, both of us agreed to go to the police station separately to close the dispute since the problem has been resolved. PHEW:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. I'm glad your issue has been resolved!!! Better late than never!! haha.. Congrats!!! got more money to buy more Chanel!! :heart: :heart:
  3. what great unexpected news!!
  4. I am so happy for you too!:woohoo:
  5. Celia,
    glad to hear everything worked out for you :smile:
    Now you can go Chanel shopping with the funds :p
  6. Wow! That's amazing! I'm really happy for you! :tup: Congratulations!
  7. Wow that's great congrats on getting your money back!!
  8. That's great news! A positive ending at an unexpected moment...cheers!:drinkup:
  9. wow Celia this is really good news:yahoo: !I'm so glad you got your money back and thank you for letting us know about the whole thing !it is very important we share our experience in order to protect others!:yes:
    You should treat yourself with a gorgeous Chanel now you've got the money back hehe!;)
  10. Thats sssssssoooooooo great to hear :smile:
  11. you have no idea how long a sigh of relief i just did!

    anyway, i'm so happy for you. as an (former) eBay seller/buyer, i totally understand where you're coming from. it's really all about mutual trust and cooperation. i guess this is what the society is lacking these days.

    i'm so glad for you! yay! i didn't report to the police because i made no bank transfers (didn't think it was safe, i always preferred payp*l so we have black and white evidence) but on payp*l, i had to go through a dispute (took about 2 - 3 weeks to settle) to get my moolah back cause the seller went unregistered (but not on payp*l, so thank goodness!) and i didn't receive my item as expected! yikes! thank god we came through safe and sound!

    xoxo, C
  12. Wow thats really great news!! I'm happy that worked out FINALLY for you!!!! What a relief!
  13. the police must have had a hard time tracking her. Congrats on ur good news; all the more reason and $$$ to go chanel shopping! btw, i saw 2 gorgeous rabbit fur flaps today! The blue is tdf, really, in my fav colour too! drool.......
  14. oh Celia I'm so happy for you! the nerve of that person! so now you can use that money for another Chanel? or Balenciaga? :graucho:... btw, I got my XL jumbo finally!
  15. What a happy ending! Money back and lovely baby, congratulations!!!