After a long waiting, here she is~~~

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  1. I have waited for Tivoli for a long time. Well, today DH called the store to check whether they released Tivoli, and the answer is YES (in fact, in my state, they just released Tivoli this morning). Anyway, we got there late afternoon, there are not so many customers, but all the sales are busy. I tried both GM and PM size, and ended up with GM :yahoo:. There are a few my point of views:

    1. PM is pretty much the same size as speedy 25; can't put it on the shoulder.
    2. PM has the buttons on the base (sorry, I don't what should call those "little feet")
    3. GM is not so big; just a little bit big than piano; it is so roomy

    I am so in love with this one. love love love~~~ :heart::heart::heart:
    PS: I saw gold suhali lockit today, amazing~~~
    DSCN0441.JPG DSCN0443.JPG DSCN0444.JPG
  2. Congrats on a very nice bag!!! Love it
  3. gorgeous bag, its seems as if everyone got a call from their SA today about their Tivoli, gotta love Black Friday.
  4. Congrats, it sure looks roomy.
  5. Wow!!! Another tivoli thread!!! Congrats!!! She's georgeous!! But I'm in torn between GM and PM. I'm petit 5'1, will GM be too big for me??? Any modelling pics, please???
  6. Looks great, congrat!
  7. congrats and thanks for the comparison!
  8. congrats
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Wonderful:love: could someone please open a club for these beauties?

  11. Travelbliss set up a club for the Tivoli called the Trendy Club.

    Beautiful bag, don't you love it??
  12. Great bag! Congrats!
  13. wow thats a nice bag. i love the bottom! great choice! glad you called at the perfect time
  14. Thanks for the info, it is such an adorable bag:love:
  15. Great bag! Congrats! Thanks for the great inside pics!