After a LONG wait, 1.5 (yes, u read that right!) New Additions to my Chanel family!!!

  1. Yes, that's correct-- i'm the proud owner of 1.5 new chanels! 1: Navy Ritz, 0.5: Ivory caviar jumbo with the new/bijoux chain.

    I purchased a Navy Ritz bag several weeks back and it has taken a LONG time to finally get to me, but now that she's finally here, i do love her loads! I've been crazy in love with this bag since it 1st came out last year but missed out on getting one... so when i spotted this one i jumped at the opportunity! I'm incredibly pleased as well because this is my 1st NAVY bag and i think the colour works so well with most of the things in my wardrobe! The unfortunate thing however, is that the seller i bought it from didn't pack the bag properly (no stuffing) and as a result of that + the arduous trans-atlantic flight to me, the leather on the bottom part of the bag is quite "wrinkly/creased"! Does anyone know if this type of creasing will "smoothen out" with time or it is there to stay?

    Anyhow enough of my rambling, here are some pics:
    (you can see the creases at the bottom of the bag fairly clearly in this shot)

    The 0.5 of a bag that i own is none other than the ivory/cream caviar jumbo classic flap with the new chain! I've kinda jumped the gun and have actually posted a modelling pic already because i received this bag a while back, but never found the time to take pics of the bag properly! I chipped in to pay for about half the amount for this bag as a present for a close relative of mine, but she ended getting another jumbo from her parents (lucky girl!), so she's decided we should share this bag, which is perfectly fine by me. Heh!

    Now here are pics of the cream jumbo-- the colour is very hard to capture in pictures, i find it either looks too "yellow" or too "white"!

    (with flash, looking way too white)
    (without flash, probably closest to the actual colour)
    it looks so yellow-y here! definitely not this colour IRL

    So there you go! That's the story of my 1.5 new bags! Thanks for letting me share with all you lovely PFers! :flowers:
  2. Nightshade, you are always so gorgeous!!! Love both bags!!!!!!! Congrats!
  3. Love the color navy! I am sorry that the bag got creasea and I hope they will smoothen out eventually. I was not careful when storing my red flap with the new chain, so the chain actually left some marks on the lambskin. When I first found out I was really upset, because they were really obvious on lambskin. But my DH told me not to worry about that. He said just like our skin, the marks would disappear when time passed by. And he is right! Now my red flap looks as new as it was. I hope your navy Ritz will also cure by itself!
  4. wow i love them both! congrats!
  5. Wow, nightshade, both bags are lovely, but I couldn't bear sharing either of them!!!. I recently creased my BV veneta due to storing it upright and the SA advised me to wrap up some items and put them inside the bag and then hang it up for a few days. It "ironed" out the creases in no time. I hope it works on your ritz!
  6. nice picks, congrats!
  7. Wow, both of them are gorgeous, congrats!
    The tip that Syma gave you also worked well on one of my bags. Hopefully the creases will smoothen out fast, good luck!
  8. So pretty, they look very,very beautiful on yoU! I like the white one a lot, but the navy one is very special! Congratulations of getting the 2 bags!.!>
  9. congrats on both bags, i love the ritz and navy is a great color!
  10. Gorgeous new additions...the navy ritz is especially TDF!!! :love: :yahoo:
  11. Great new bags! Love the Ritz!:heart:
  12. beautiful! congratulations!
  13. Both bags are stunning!
  14. Bags are gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  15. Wow, I love both of your 1.5 new bags nightshade! The navy ritz is stunning; I wish I had seen one in real life. And I hope a jumbo will be my next, so you know I love that one. Congrats! You look great in the photo! :smile:

    -Stephanie (pond23)