After a horrible experience..My first real paddy

  1. I like to say i have finally got a real Paddy! im so excited!! :yahoo:

    I bought a paddy few months back on eBay and it was a own doubts and the authentication thread confirmed it for me! So ever since then iv been looking for a REAL one on eBay. After searching through the eBay for ages i managed to find one that looks real..has everything. The bag arrived today, checked it..and i like to say its real! Ive got my first paddy...its 06 med, Brun paddy!! The colour is gorgeus, leather is gorgeus..everything about it and im in love! Who would have think you can fall in :heart: with a bag!! I will post pics up later this afternoon and show u! I am so excited to be part of the chloe fan club :supacool:

  2. Congratulations pekie!!! Sorry you got the other fake! Hope you were able to get your money back for that! Welcome to the Chloe lover's fan club! Can't wait to see you pics! :drinkup:
  3. Congratulations!:party:
  4. Woo hoo - well done - can't wait to see your lovely pics.
  5. Here are my pics!!


  6. Ooops, can you try posting those links again??
  7. congrats pekie!
  8. Do anyone know how to post the pics? Just that i tried the attach image but they are asking for a url...??
  9. pekie you have to upload it first. when you post, click go advanced, then scroll below and click manage attachments. an upload window will pop up and you can upload your pics. it will automatically create thumbnails/links of your pics on that particular post or you can copy the actual url then paste that as your picture link. hope i didn't confuse you!
  10. Congrats. Looking forward to your pictures.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. congrats for the new paddy.

  13. Thats whats so disappointing and scary about ebay...its too bad there are so many unscrupulous fakers out there! Im curious, on the fake, how much did you pay? Did you get your money back? When buying a bag so expensive, its tempting to search ebay, which I would at least research in hopes of saving a few hundred bucks. Plus, the chances of finding something unique and rare is exciting too. However, Im wondering how much a person could potentially save buying a Paddy from ebay, over finding one from a real store? Id almost pay more to have piece of mind, but what are the numbers, I wonder?
  14. Congratulations!!! Feel free to PM me if you want me to repost hte pics for you!
  15. Here are the pics..hope this wrks!! :confused1:
    bag 002.jpg bag 003.jpg bag 001.jpg