After a hard couple of weeks, I'm finally ready to dive back into tPF

  1. These past couple weeks have been very hard for me. My school has been robbed, one of my good friends and is father died in a car accident, my mom restarted a horribly dysfunctional relationship (we won"t get into that), and to top it all off, I'm graduating, trying to figure what to do with my life and fufill all my artistic commitments. In one week, i had 3 concerts.:wtf:I know i go to performing arts high but jeese. Its like the teachers don' t even talk to each other. Oh and i also had my ap european history final (which i'm pretty sure i did terrible on:tdown:)

    Anyway, i just needed to electronically rant and let anyone who cared whats going on in my life and maybe why i haven't been posting (seems kinda nacisistic doesn't it).

    But do you ever feel like you just have to much to handle and to many comittments. How do you try to keep your life balnced and youself centred.

    Thanks all:heart:
  2. Hi! I was wondering how you were doing! Lucretias was thinking of you, too!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend...hang in there!:flowers:

    Things will fall into place. You are graduating soon- how exciting!!! And I think it is good to have your plate full when you are young. Makes you stronger and more responsible, IMO. But do take care of you, relax and visit the LV boutique downtown!
  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. I miss you guys. We def need to get together again. That vietnamese was soooo good. :heart:
  4. HEY welcome back!! Congrats on graduation!!

    Are you going to college?

    as for ur mom's dys relationship, sigh, i hear you about wishing parents could be behave more RATIONALLY and more like the adults they are suppose to be!! hang in there and i hope you get enough space and all to minimize the impact of the dys relationship on you.

    if it comes down to $$ issues like th guy's "borrowin" $$ from ur mom and never returns it then you need to really take a hard stance on it or try to get her to see it at least.
  5. Welcome back im glad to hear things are settling down a little for you!
  6. When I get lost in it all and my life is too much I find going to my therapist helps (I alternate between Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Chanel; they're all wonderful therapists).... and when I get lonely or down I just go visit my friends (Max Azria, Donna Karan, Coco Chanel) and I instantly get cheered up-- they seem to congregate a lot at Saks and Bloomie's! Check there! :smile:

    No, for real, I know everything seems crazy right now especially with graduation but you'll sort it all out, it just takes time! I'd recommend a weekend or longer getaway even if it's just driving 200 miles and booking into a hotel. Does wonders for clearing your head. That's what I did when I graduated. I came back with a plan! That alone time was fabulous.
  7. I know EXACTLY what you mean- the past week or so I've barely logged on th PF because I had two HUGE projects due for my Political Science class :noggin: But I'm finally done and back on!
  8. :yes::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::yes: So funny! I may borrow your therapists this weekend!
  9. :yes: Yes, I agree, we should organize another TPF meet soon and take other TPF members to that yummy Vietnamese place.