After a few months, I got my butt up and uhh... a mini reveal..

  1. Yes I went into the fbg yesterday and was able to talk to them about what I was looking for in details.
    They've discontinued that superb cdc leather ring. Which is a shame really... the other possibility now, is to buy a real Gold or White Gold one. And seriously if i buy a beautiful ring I might aswell get something with diamonds...:graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:
  2. That's....... a pity :crybaby: I'll definitely recommend you to get one with diamonds since you missed out on this one :graucho: to cheer you up :roflmfao:
  3. Such lovely purchases! That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure your mother will love it!
  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Very nice pieces. :yahoo:
  6. LOL, i'm going to try and get the DB to offer it :p

    Chances are slim though... ;(
  7. Fabulous! We are twins On the black and white GHW CDC's. So glad you got black and gold as well. I have black with PHW and I wear my black/gold so much more! Congrats once again!!
  8. :graucho: thank you !

    :lol: you'll never know - give it a try ! :graucho:

    :tender: i still havent brought my black with ghw out yet though :cray: heh !!