After 9 long months... My baby finally arrived ;}

  1. Your collection is gorgeous.
  2. Hello darling!!! I was wondering where u went!!! How's the RJ duo treating you this summer??? I'm sure you are getting tons of use out of them!!!!

    OMG.... not ENORMOUS!? I am so banning myself.... after I go see the twillies... :roflmfao:
  3. Thank you so much Koshi!!! I did notice the same thing once I got them all lined up for the family photo... variety is the spice of life ey? :love:

    Yes indeedy... fuchsia is divine...and I'm on :cloud9:

    Thanks Scuba!!!!!! But I think I neeeeeeed..... PELOUSE :graucho:
    How pathetic am I? It never ends, does it?
  4. Thanks Poodlicious... and so is your poodle!!!!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Wow!!! So gorgeous!!! So happy for you :smile:.
  7. I NEED to be on Ban Island, too. I got something truly ban-worthy from the store recently. But it's in my closet patiently waiting for my birthday in September (and out of DH's sight, lest the federal prosecutor come out).

    The RJ duo went with me to China and Tibet. The bag has been named PETE and yes there is a story to it.

    And yes, the twilly drawer was completely full.
  8. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. We all need a wish list. The discovering, admiring, desiring, pining and hunting are part of the pleasure and make the final capture so much sweeter!
  9. Great pic D! I can see the difference vividly. :ty::urock: You are fast. Stickers off already I see.
  10. Did you remember which twilly was at the store? Trying to see if there is any new Fall twillys.
  11. Beautiful family pic! So you finally got your HG CDC. Wear her in good health!
  12. Congrats!! I'm so glad you finally were able to find one.

    You collection is amazing ;) Thanks for sharing!!
  13. I am so so so so so happy for you! I know how LONNNNNNGGGGG you were waiting for this beauty! I must admit, our beautiful C is a little angel, and I am so happy she helped this pretty CDC find its way to you! FINALLY!

    OK I_F, my lovely, what shall be our next obsession:graucho:????
  14. SHUT UP ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!?!??!?! :upsidedown::upsidedown::upsidedown::upsidedown:

    what an AMAZING combo!!!! i truly need RS in my life... :girlsigh:

    you're so welcome babe, i am sooo glad to be able to help, make CDC dreams come true! never say never huh?? OMG i would have felt TERRIBLE if i realized you'd be missing out on fuchsia again! my goal is to help everyone here obtain their CDC dreams!

    i think those 2 probably have to be the cream of the crop for sure!

    sigh now you have me wanting fuchsia gator GHW now too :cray:

    OK seriously for this year, i just have the following left on my list:
    ombre lizard GHW
    BE gator (Large scale) GHW :girlwhack:
    mais gator PHW/GHW
    fuchsia gator GHW
    orange gator GHW
    (maybe someday black lizard PHW and havane lizard GHW too, but these are lower priority :p)
  15. I remember your wishlist so well because it is similar to mine (except mine is longer than this since my CDC collection is still quite small compare to yours). Will be on lookout for C darling angel. :heart: