After 8 years I think my luck has run out!!

  1. Well with all the talk about scammers and problem sellers and buyers, I guess it was only a matter of time before I was on the receiving end. I've been on eBay for more than 8 years have 100% feedback and never had a problem until (it seems...)......

    I bought a bag that is pretty much my HG on Jan 31st. Lots of communication before the auction closed and she accepted my best offer. She said she would let me know the tracking number and then - nothing until she answered my polite query as to where the bag was - on Feb 9th. She apparently had to go out of town and had just got back but would go to the PO first thing on Monday morning and send me the tracking number (plus she is in a time zone ahead of me). Nothing so far, and I just sent her a reminder to send me the tracking number today and that eBay allows 7 days to ship and we are already on day 11!! I will give her until this evening but if I don't hear from her then I will have to open a dispute with Paypal or file a NPS. I am so bummed. Luckily I paid with CC on Paypal. (But I just would like the bag).

    I really hope it is on it's way and I am not getting the run around, but I am so nervous after all the shenanigans going on right now. :crybaby:

    Anyone feel like reassuring me that everything will be ok??
  2. Who's the seller???
  3. pming you - she's NOT in Oklahoma though.
  4. Just replied and checked out the seller.

    I think that maybe you need to send her another e-mail asking for the tracking number and that you would appreciate a response within the next 48 hours
  5. How much did you pay for the bag? There's no excuse to wait 10 days to ship it! I've heard that "I had to go out of town" crap from sellers before. I had one in a neighboring state keep telling me she had to rush home from college for a family emergency and would ship when she got back to school... blah, blah, blah, blah... I made her refund me! She had my stinking money and couldn't be bothered to ship my item!

    I say you file a dispute with paypal, give it 24 hours and then upgrade it to a claim. She can either give paypal the tracking or email you with it, but someone's going to get it one way or the other!
  6. Yes I already did that a couple of hours ago - but I said that I expected a response in 24 hours.
  7. That's fair enough!! She is being unreasonable not getting back to you
  8. Let's just say enough that I am not going to tell my DH when he gets home!!!! Seriously though it was a lot and if I don't hear from her today I'm going to file a dispute later this evening.
  9. At the end of the day you have to protect yourself and if you are feeling unhappy or unnerved by this then file with Paypal :yes:
  10. what is going on with all these scammers on eBay!!! Makes me scared to even bid for anything!
  11. I would go ahead and file and if she sends you tracking information you can always cancel the dispute.
  12. OK so I didn't hear from her all day yesterday. I filed a dispute today at lunch time and.... well I got an email with a tracking number and an apology within a couple of hours :tup:.

    We'll see when it arrives but so far so good!
  13. Good luck - I hope everything works out for you.
  14. Wow.. that's so sad that this only happened when the fire was under her a$$ for reals. I hope this transaction works out for you !
  15. Do keep us posted about what happens. Could be just another stalling routine to get you to not pursue the dispute/refund...after the Oklahoma Scam Queen debacle this week, everyone is running scared!!!!:yes: