After 6 years...finally some more..!

  1. dear bf gave me a white gold bracelet 6 years ago...

    6 years later...i received a promise ring! we went to vegas 3 weeks ago...jumped into tiffany's at caesar's palace...bought it when i said i loved it! i thought that was my bday present..

    returned to LA...2 days later something came in the was the matching necklace!

    presenting my Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Pendant and Ring! :wlae:

    CIMG1480.JPG CIMG1481.JPG CIMG1482.JPG
  2. Very pretty! I was hoping you'd post pics!
  3. ^ i know...i suddenly remembered that i haven't post any pics!
  4. lovely!!! congrats:heart:
  5. Very nice, congrats!!
  6. congrats :biggrin:!
  7. very cute! congrats!:smile:
  8. Beautiful Tiffany's pieces!
  9. so pretty! I bought myself the loving heart earrings this summer and am thinking about the matching necklace! Lovely collection and sweet BF!!
  10. Aww, how sweet! Congrats!
  11. they are gorgeous!! I got an Elsa's open heart ring as a promise ring also....I adore mine very much...i'm sure you'll enjoy yours :smile: congrats!
  12. ^ oh how sweet!!! post pics!!
  13. Perfect! congrats!
  14. that is such a big surprise. and what a keeper he is! that is sooo sweet that you have the set...awww, he must be the romantic type. congrats on your long-term relationship. now you have to out do him and surprise him back ;) they have some nice stuff for me from tiffs...if he's into that stuff..
  15. ^^^ like what??