After 50+ Yrs, I’m Living My Dream As A Woman!

  1. After living the “double life” for 40 some years I finally decided to fulfill my life-long dream. They say everything happens for a reason & I’m a believer!

    I lived in a very small hick-town city and lost my job of 17yrs almost 8yrs ago. I was very lucky to land a job at one of the biggest corporations in the U.S. 85 miles from home in Buffalo. Well as usual word got around about me(it always did). I couldn’t believe the love & support I got!

    Everyone used to say why not be the real “you” 24/7? Well word got to management & we had a few meetings & on Sept 26th, 2016 I started my new journey. My life long dream. I went to work as a woman. I was nervous at heck! My friends & coworkers made it so easy. So nice! Even ppl I didn’t know were wishing me good thoughts. I was simply amazed!

    I started transitioning on 12/08/2016. I’ve been on hormones since then and legally changed my name to Marlena Renee. It was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! I’ve never been HAPPIER! All my friends & coworkers can see the change in me. I’m much happier, layed back & easy going now. Also much friendlier. They love it & so do I!

    If anyone is going thru the same, follow your heart. Go for your dreams! It could be the best decision you’ve ever made! I sure was for me!
  2. It's so wonderful you are finally able to be yourself and feel supported. I don't know if Congratulations is an appropriate term here, but it's meant with the best intentions and joy for your happiness.
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  3. I am so so glad that you are able to be YOU at all times and do not have to hide who you really are. Isn’t that the most basic of needs for a human being? I wish you continued joy in your life.
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  4. I'm so happy for you and also glad you shared. Brave people like you will open doors and understanding for those yet to come along.

    One of my grandson's friends is having some gender identification issues (age 12). His parents are supportive and not steering him, but letting him discover. I hope it turns out well, whatever is meant to be.
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  5. It must feel amazingly liberating! Best to you! :heart:
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  6. Very happy for you. Keep following your dreams!
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  7. Enjoy your new life!
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  8. Congratulations!
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  9. Better late than never! You deserve to be happy! Congrats!
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  10. Thanks so much for your kind words!
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  11. Bless
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  12. Thanks so much A1aGypsy

    Yes I agree but sometimes society tells us otherwise. I’m glad society is more accepting these days.
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  13. Heck yea. I hope all turns out well for his friend. We need more parents out there like that!

    And thank you! Ya know, my workplace said the same thing. They are supporting & are happy for me too!
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  14. Yes it does! I love it! And thank youuuuu!
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  15. Thanks Lori I appreciate that! And I sure will! #driveOn
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