AFTER 4 months of absense... I'm back with a white massai to share...

  1. it's been almost 4 months of absense, because I had problem logging in ...while I was away I still keep up with the forum but just couldn't post :sad:
    now, for some reason I could log on again and I'm back with a white massai that I just got recently to share!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Love the bag! the bag is a hundred times better looking than in the picture!


    Ps. does anyone know how to distinguish the difference between a box and barenia.

  2. Tuleh, sorry to hear you've been having login problems but glad you're now able to post again!

    Congrats on the Massai! I've never seen it in white. Gorgeous! What a lovely summery bag it would make!
  3. Wow! You are back:yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Massai is so pretty~~~~~!:love:
  4. One is made of cardboard and the other is a kind of leather? :roflmfao:

    Sorry, I'm feeling cheeky ;) If you check out the Hermes Reference sub-forum, you'll find Hermesgroupie's leather book, which has all the info. I'd say Box was glossy in finish and Barenia is waxed leather (no gloss other than patina)... But anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Congrats on that gorge Massai, it does look fabby in the picture too.
  5. I have never owned a white bag, but I know yours must be gorgeous coming from Hermes! (if you haven't done so already, please post in our reference section with all the details regarding your bag)

    Welcome back!!!
  6. I love the Masai!!!! Now if only I could grow a few more inches so I could actually wear one without dragging it on the floor.

    Barenia is more matte than Box with a much softer hand. When brand new it has a slick feel to it from the oils that are saturated into the leather. Older Barenia that hasn't been used, however, is stiffer and feels dryer.
  7. Tuleh, what a gorgeous bag!!
  8. that's a lovely bag! congrats!
  9. :nuts: That's too much gorgeousness for me to take so early in the morning. I :heart: it!!!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Beautiful Masai and I love it in White!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Wear her well!!!!!
  11. great bag! i have one in red and love it to death..
  12. Gorgeous bag! I have two of them and LOVE them. Congrats!!
  13. oooh the massai is gorgeous in white! congrats!!
  14. I love Hermes in white, GORGEOUS !!:heart:
  15. AHHH!!!


    Wow......I LOVE white bags!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!