After 4 days my Cotton Club Broke

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    Yes that's right. After being wait listed for over a month I finally received my Cotton Club Tote Sunday night. On Thursday morning on my way to work the strap broke right off rendering the bag useless. I mean I could use the bag, but I had to carry it under my arm like a small dog. I contacted my SA at the Boutique in Short Hills, NJ who informed me that they had one in stock to swap mine out with. However am I the only one that cannot believe the bag only lasted 4 days??? Has anyone else had this issue with the Cotton Club?

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!!
  2. That's really weird! It's the first complaint I've heard here thus far.
  3. Wow, I'd only expect that from a fake bag. I dont blame you for being dissapointed.
  4. That is disappointing!

    When I was in the Boutique, a few weeks ago, a woman brought in her GST because the strap broke. She wasn't the first person I've seen bring in the GST with a broken chain. I wonder if the Cotton Club and GST are similar that way?

    Will you be closely examining your new bag when you get it? I guess you will have to, to make sure there are no flaws. How annoying.
  5. I'm not sure if you have the new Cotton Club, but it has a toggle like closure for the chain handle. I had expressed my concerns to my SA prior to purchasing the bag and was informed that there shouldn't be a problem with it. However it was indeed the chain link that was attached to the toggle that broke. The Manager at the Boutique did indeed check the weight of my bag and when I took out my wallet, cosmetic case, iPod and PDA she informed me that in no way was the bag overweight. And for a Large Shopping Tote, I would have to think it was designed to hold more. In any case, yes, I have a new bag. It's 2 days old and so far no problems.

    However being as this was my 1st Chanel purchase and it was in NO way a small ticket item, I do believe it is going to take a lot for me to regain my trust in Chanel.
  6. She actually wanted to hold your bag to see how much it weighed? That's BS if you ask me. When I pay good $$$ for a bag, it should hold anything I put inside it. I can't believe the chain broke!!!! I would be super pissed. Hopefully the next bag will work out for you.
  7. I had 2 Outdoor Messenger Tote broke on me, at the same spot, where the strap is held to the body of the bag by hidden studs. The first time, Chanel Boutique exchanged for a new one for me, and the second time, I wanted a refund. The manager gave me the refund, but told me that she's NEVER heard of anything like that happening to any Chanels before! I felt like she blamed me for breaking the strap, eventhough the studs were hidden underneath the leather, and I had no way of reaching them to damage them. And I also don't carry that much in my bags.

    Oh well, still love my Chanels, but just won't buy another Outdoor messenger.

    And I must say, this was the only Chanel I had any problems with. Everything else has been great.

    Sorry about your Tote. Hope the new one will be perfect!
  8. When I got my Chanel mini-reporter a thread on one of the outer pockets started to unravel that night! I went in and demanded they exchange it, which because the manager was not there was a bit of a hassle. However, they gave me a new one. I was really cheesed off at the time but it happens.
  9. I'm so shocked to hear the bag broke! Like Luccibag said, it's something you'd expect from a fake, not an authentic item. One of my totes also has the toggle chain, and now I'm paranoid it'll snap off...
    Honestly, if I saw someone's Chanel break, I would assume it's a fake!
  10. Wow, it's sad to hear about all these defects - the cotton club toggle did look a little fragile to me when I tried it on, but I wouldn't expect it to break like that.
  11. Wow, for the price Chanel is charging, you would think they would have really good quality checks. If you end up exchanging it, I would use the heck out of it for the time period to make sure it doesn't fall apart again before the exchange period is over.
  12. Wow...that's so upsetting!! Glad to hear they have one in stock to exchange for you, but still...geeeeeeeeeeez.
  13. Wow, this is shocking and upsetting. I haven't had any problems yet and I hope I don't.

    I'm glad they could take care of it for you. Keep us posted.
  14. I think its isolated.....The straps seem pretty sturdy to me.Prob just a defective one.Id get the new one ...Sucks it happened..BUT At least it happened NOW rather than a year from now!
  15. Considering how much Chanel is charging for their "EXCLUSIVE" bags these days, the least they could do is return to the high standard of workmanship that came with the Chanel name. It's really bloody offensive -- (just in case anyone from Chanel corporates drops by this forum.)