After 3 years of saving and planning... my very 1st

  1. Probly one of the final times i will tell the story lol as all the regulars have probly all memorised it over the last 2 months:shame:, my family visited Europe recently and when visiting Paris they picked up my very first lv, my little carryall, the man's speedy as i call it! After savign and convincing for three years it is finally in my hands, and not to mention how cheap it was, ordinarily in oz (due to the horroable markups for shipping which is really an excuse to put their prices up really really high) this all would have cost me $2160 (au) in the end i got it for $1421 (au) a 33% saving!!!! that means i got the extras for free!!! i also got a keepall 45 ss which i think doesnt look too bad, and a orange prefro pouchette which i am in total :love: with, it fits my new D&G razr (thanks deluxduck you convinced my to get it) my supre nice parents decided to further spoil me and get an oxtette bracelet from greece (one on my fav european jewllery comanies), a necklace from the swarovski factory in austria, and a belt from florence, not to mention the european candy (i go crazy for this stuff) i remember being a kid and eating this yummy candy on the hot summers days and fighting with my sister so she could buy me more with her pocket money, she allways did and we would share them together :girlsigh: so here are the pics:

  2. here are the rest of the pics:
  3. The strap on the Carryall looks awesome... It makes me want to get it now. :P
  4. the D&G phone is my new gaget right now so i included it in some of the photos to share some of the limelight lol
  5. Congrats on your carryall! It's a great piece....I would know I had it for 2 days, and then I exchanged it for a Pegase 60! Use it in good health!
  6. thanks jm, sometimes i just need to be hands free esp. for what i intend this bag to be for, uni and running around the city
  7. You look so sexy with your carryall!!! :yahoo:I love it with the jeans! And the strap is a great idea :smile:. Can I have some MILKA?
  8. ^ thank you very much miroir i wanted to put my face in too but i couldnt fit it in with the bag and the camera, good im sooo bad with technology lol, ill share the milk with y'all if you come over are celebrate my 1st bag lol!!!!!
  9. Love the carryall! :love:

    It looks fabulous on you! :flowers:

    You got some great loot!'re an inspiration. Being able to save patiently for three years shows the rest of us what we can do if we put our minds to it! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats naughtymanolo ! :yahoo: You look great and sexy:graucho: Cool stuff you got there:jammin: :supacool:
  11. the Carryall looks very good on you. and im glad you got the gold Razr instead of that other phone (which i think is the dumbest Nokia has ever designed). congrats!
  12. gosh, me and inspiration? im 17 so saving takes alot longer for me, but in a way its good cos i would have bought a keepall if i didnt wait that time and suddenly the gorgous carryall was released and i new it was mine! i went to the store once and almost took have a keepall somethign wasnt right so i didnt get it and 2 weeks later the carryall was released it was love at first sight
  13. yeah duck that phone would have been pretty annoying to use after a while im thinkin go fgetting one later of ebag or something so it can be a little showy off phone, then againg this phone is bling to the max lol
  14. Love the carryall, awesome! Does it come with that long strap??? I like it even more with the strap for travel and busy days!
  15. no it doesnt come with the strap you acctually not suppossed to be sold the strap for that bag, my mum (the legend she is) demamded that she wouldnt buy the bag unless she was sold the strap as well