After 3 weeks my Plum Kid has arrived!!!

  1. I finally got my Plum Kid today!!! OMG after 3 weeks of waiting and worrying that she would never arrive she is sooooo beautiful!:love:

    So I open the box and pull her out and am just so in love with the color and the size and everything, and I'm dancing around in front of the mirror and just being generally pleased with myself, then I open the little Saks envelope with the receipt in it and . . .drum roll please. . .I got this amazing bag for. . .$388.00:yahoo:

    In all honesty it was not a complete surprise because I knew they had charged my card and that it had been less than I thought it was going to be but I hadn't looked at my itemized statement, seriously though $388 ?????? I was floored!!!:nuts:

    I'm pooped after yoga. Modeling pics tomorrow:heart:!
  2. Congrats on your new bag, what a great deal you got on it!
  3. Congrats spaceyjacey!!! $388 for a plum kid...WOW!!! Lucky...that is amazing. Can't wait to see pictures. Congrats again.:yahoo:
  4. OMG... what's up with all these fantastic deals? I'm so jealous!!
  5. ^IDK, the SA gave me an extra 25% off the existing markdown. I have no idea why.
  6. congrats! waiting to see pics!
  7. Wowza!! Another terrific deal! The Plum Kid is sooo pretty...congrats Spaceyjacy!! And post pics if you can!!:yes:
  8. Wow!! Congrats!! That's one great SA. Can't wait to see your pics.
  9. congrats! what a nice SA! see, good things do come to those who wait!
  10. oh geeezus spaceyjacey! i'm soooo happy for you $388 is an awesome deal!!
  11. OMG! Congratulations!! What a great deal!!!
  12. Yay! great deal! :happydance: Definitely post modelling pics :yes:
  13. YAYY!!! Congrats!!

    OMG I read "I'm pooped after yoga" as "I pooped after yoga" and I was like :weird: okkkkkkk LOL then I read it again and I realized my mistake and couldn't stop laughing at myself!
  14. ^ lol xD

    $388 for a beautiful Plum Kid is FAAAAABULOUS!! look forward to seeing photos! :smile: congrats
  15. thats a great price. im so jealous!