After 3 Returns of my Speedy 30 ... But Help, what are those things?

  1. I think I finally got a keeper. Well it is alittle wrinkled still, but it looks much better than the last bag.

    I only have one question? Have any of you had bags that had the little pieces of paper like these on the base of the handles? I have had plastic on the handles but not the paper things ???

  2. they are to keep the HW from touching the Vachetta congrats and hope you don't return it...
  3. :yes:
  4. i hope that i dont return it neither .. as far as i know it looks great .... my other two didn't have those paper thingies tho .. i just thought it was alittle weird
  5. My Azur just came yesterday, and had those same paper things on it. I didn't really think much of it...kinda thought is was for protecting the hardware....
  6. Had the same when my Mono Speedy 30 arrived from Elux...didn't think twice about it and figured it was to protect the hardware................
  7. The inserts are to protect the hardware and the vachetta.

    Congrats on your 3rd return! Hope this one is to your satisfaction!
  8. I am not totally stupid,I knew what they were for, but I just never had them on any of my other bags. Is it a new thing?
  9. yup, just like the Keepall's - it's to protect the leather. Enjoy your new purchase!
  10. Why did you return 3 speedies? What was wrong?
  11. I don't think it is a "new" thing because about 3 years ago I purchased a Mono Speedy 25, at the LV Boutique, and it had on those paper things on the hardware too.

    By the way, Congratulations! Enjoy your new bag. ;)
  12. my speedy had the paper on when I purchased. congrats on your new speedy.
  13. I think its even better that it has those...nice and fresh...confirms that no one probably touched it or that it was a return!!!:idea:
  14. I'm happy that you finally got the right speedy. If you remember, you posted on my thread and gave advice about my damier speedy. I went to my original store and they said it was fine again so i'm done pushing. I love the speedy nonetheless and I'm tired of keeping it at home and not using it while trying to work my problem out. Anyway congrats! Third time is the charm :yes:
  15. well that sux that you aren't able to take care of yours ...