After 1 year on tPF.....

  1. I realized I am celebrating my first year here !!! :yahoo:
    And came to wonder : how tPF changed my life ????
    -It's now the first website I visit even before my mailbox everyday !
    -When I am away (on holidays etc..), I think about tpf and the community.
    -Before here I never believed it was possible for members of an online community to respect and get to know closely each other. Or care about each other's threads ! (and even when english is NOT your native language !!)
    -And I never came across such a friendly and helping online group of ppl
    -My knowledge about bags has grown so much that I am now an expert among my "real life" friends. And I can spot fakes.
    -My general culture has grown so much ! all the celebs gossips and english vocabulary (new favorite words :graucho: )
    -I learned about life in general , about the various traditions in different we all do and think things differently bc we all have different backgrounds and cultures, and benefit from more experienced persons, and amazing ppl who are different and who I 'd never have talked to IRL !!
    -Unfortunately I have let down a bit the other more useful (to my job field) news websites....
    -And my productivity at work has gone down the road...:push:
    -My tastes have become expensive, and my wallet doesn't like it....
    -All I wanted in february06 was 1 LV, then I discovered it had plenty of brothers and sisters waiting to be adopted by me too....:push: .

    The list could go on and on. But these are the main things that make me a different woman from feb.06 to feb.07 !!

    Any other 1 year anniversary tPFers who want to share ???? or even 6 months ??? How have you changed ????

    Just to conclude : Thank you all gals and guys (esp Megs and Vlad) for making this Forum THE BEST EVER :heart:
  2. Congrats on one year, mellecyn!! I have always enjoyed your posts!

    My one year of being on tPF is in March! The year has gone pretty fast. I remember I was a lurker at first, I would rarely post. Then around June or so, that's when I started posting. I have met many nice people on here, and I have learned so much more about designers and bags.
  3. Congrats on 1 year :smile:
  4. thank you:shame: I don't post that much (600+ after 1 year ?!) so I always figured that ppl don't "know" me. You are a serious one (2000+!!!!!), congrats !!!
  5. Congrats on one year I have only been posting here for a short time but I agree with all that you say & don't know what i did before I found TPF.
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!! My year anniversary is still about 3 months off...but I know what you mean about it changing you!
  7. Happy Anniversary!! Long time for me yet but I love it here thank god for tpf
  8. LOL...I just posted about my one year...(I thought I was being clever) I should have known someone else beat me to the idea!! Here is to another great year!!
  9. :yes: Congrats on your TPF 1 year anniversary!!!
  10. Happy Anniversary! What a great tribute to your adventure here on tPF and here's to many, many happy more years for you.
  11. Yay, congrats! Happy fist year here! This place is soooo wonderful!
  12. Happy anniversary! I understand about your wallet not liking it either. :p
  13. mellecyn - first of all, congrats on your 1st TPF anniversary! :yahoo: :party: :drinkup:

    I can relate to many of the things on your list. I first joined to find out more about 1 LV bag, but it quickly grew to a serious handbag obsession where I ended up falling for many types of bags. (My current love is now Bbags!) :heart:
    I enjoy the camaraderie here, and I loved meeting fellow PF'ers at our SF meet last year.
    When I went on vacation, I was itching to go online anywhere just to see what everyone was up to here!
    And though I have tons of other stuff I could do during my lunchtime, I always tend to spend my whole hour checking the PF!
    Everyone I know is scared of buying me a gift b/c they know my tastes have become a lot more expensive! :shame:
    So, in short, I have loved every minute that I've spent on here, and thank Vlad and Megs for creating this wonderful site! [​IMG]
  14. Congrats on 1 year! Great thread... there are many things you've said that I can relate to!
  15. Happy anniversary and congrats!!!!