African black soap

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  1. A colleague of mine has been looking to buy this as she heard it's great for acne prone skin
    She is really suffering from it right now.. Where can she buy this? She is in Canada
  2. great thanks for this info, i will pass it along...colleague has tried many different products ,spending $$$ on high end and just about any other products .. but she has not seen any improvement, someone has told her about this soap ,so she wants to try.. do you use it like a regular soap ?
  3. Yeah I just use it as a regular cleanser, I remove my makeup with a cleansing oil first and then I wash my face with the black soap. It's not a miracle cure, but my skin feels and looks a lot calmer and I'm hoping it will improve even more with time.

    I also use a salicylic acid exfoliator afterwards (and before moisturizing) to avoid excessive clogged pores, if she hasn't tried Paula's Choice products I highly recommend those too!
  4. What makes this soap different from the tons on the market, I am curious...
  5. I purchase mine on eBay... I use Dudu Osun.
    Word of warning: this is serious stuff!!! Use gently or you'll end 'burning' this skin! (Think mini chemical peel)

    I'm not sure WHY or HOW this soap works but it transformed my acne skin!
    Now the transformation is not over night, it's not a miracle worker! But with daily use my skin looks amazing! Rosy cheeks, improved skin-tone, no more acne outbreaks! With the exception of the occasional hormonal spots My skin is flawless!
    A bar lasts FOREVER! so total value for money!!

    My advice: only use it every other day the first two weeks just so your skin can get used to the effect, then use it more and more... I use it twice daily now.

    It's very drying so invest in a nice moisturiser for straight after use
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  6. if you live close to or have access to an African grocery store/market, go there to get it. real deal black soap isn't pretty to look at, it's not perfectly black in color. It shouldn't contain other ingredients, just black soap

    looks something like this:

    for some it can be drying, so be sure to moisturize after using.
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  7. Has anyone tried it in both bar and liquid form? If so, what do you prefer? I'm wary of bars because the binding agent that keeps it together as a bar (in all soaps, not just black soap) tends to clog my pores whenever I try it, as well as being excessively drying. Seems like people in this thread with acne prone skin are fine with it though, and bar soap would definitely be preferable for me when traveling!
  8. If you get real African soap, it doesn't contain other ingredients, so no binding agents.

    You can make liquid soap out of it, as well
  9. Shea Terra Is a good source. I believe they have both the bar and liquid form.

  10. Thanks for the info! I wonder how it stays together without crumbling then, but as long as it's the same ingredients it doesn't really matter. Trying to eliminate liquids from my luggage when flying, this will definitely help.

  11. Awesome, thanks!
  12. Thanks to a perfume blogger I became interested in high end (but not yet super expensive) soap. This last week I received a huge 8.8 ounce bar of Nesti Dante Soap in Cipresso. This is the best smelling soap I have ever encountered. It's a wonderful forest, reminds me of a kind of fresh Christmas scent. I have also become addicted to multiple scents of soap by Greenwich Bay Trading Co. I found these at my favorite garden nursery and even after a shower their scents linger like perfume on my skin. This soap I found in really cute 1.9 ounces packages and are beautifully wrapped so they are great for gifts.

    I've written two pages of companies whose soaps I must give a try. Soap lasts quite awhile so this new addiction could take me years to get through but I will enjoy the process. Does anyone else have a soap or soaps you cannot get enough of?
  13. I've used the liquid. It's nice.

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