Afraid to use new LV purse!!

  1. I bought a new speedy 30 the other week, but so far i've been afraid to use it!! I used it to go shopping one day, but the entire time i was afraid i would get it dirty! I carried it on my arm (over my sleeve) and avoided holding it in my hands. Then when we went to eat, it stayed in my lap or right next to me on the booth. I even put my napkin over it... you know, incase i somehow flick food over to the side of me... i know, i'm ridiculous. :shame:

    Do any of you do this too?? I feel like i'll hurt it if i take it out as a everyday purse. i'm beginning to think i should have bought a purse with less vachetta on it. :p How do you get over it and just using it like any other purse?

    Oh yeah, i also keep baby wipes, 1/4 piece of a magic eraser, and a plastic bag in it just incase...
  2. relax and enjoy your bag :smile:. a bag is meant to be used and LV bags hold up very well. I've dropped my damier speedy on the streets of NYC before (not that I recommend doing this) and it came out w/o a scratch and still looked as good as new.
  3. I'm afraid to use my Damier Azur Speedy! I always make sure my hands are completely clean & dry before I touch it, haha. It's just too pretty!
  4. Just use it and love it. A purse is meant to be used.
  5. I like to enjoy my bags and at the same time circulate them all so that one never gets worn down.
  6. I use my bags all the time, but I try to be careful with them too.
  7. I was like that as well when I got my first LV.

    However, I realized that there was no fun in trying to protect it everytime I carried it 24/7.

    I say, ENJOY it ..... just don't "abuse" it. ;)
  8. I was like that too, but really its a beautiful purse so use it and enjoy it! besides speedys are pretty durable but as with all things use them but dont abuse them :biggrin:
  9. heihei, I don't have that problem with my damier, but sometimes I have with monogram.
  10. When I got my first bag, I was terrified to use it. But I slowly realized that LV bags are very well made. There is not point owning things that sit in your closet. Take it out and enjoy it. Besides the vachetta leather looks better with time.
  11. I am still that way with my speedy 30. It's just been sitting in my room since the day I bought it. I think I've only used it twice. The reason I'm afraid to use mine is b/c I have small children who love to get in mommy's purse with their sticky hands. That's the reason I haven't really used mine yet. I'm waiting for the sticky hand phase to end, but once that is up, I'll be using her everyday!!
  12. haha, i know exactly how you feel. i bought myself the bh over the summer and it's still sitting in my closet 5 months later - not because i don't like it, but because that darn vachetta stains so easily.

    seriously, i'll check the weather before i leave the house so that i'll know if it's a good day to carry any type of LV monogram. if there's rain, forget about it.
  13. Just use it and love it!! Life is too short!!!
  14. Try not to worry about it and enjoy it. Even if it does get a little dirty, that's what gives a speedy character imo.

    If it bothers you that much, you might want to consider trading for a damier speedy.
  15. That's why I chose the damier and epi speedy over the mono ... I don't like the dark dity handles the I see too often. I'm careful with my bags too, but I am not afraid to use it. Don't worry too much, just enjoy it ... Most LV's are virtually indestructible!