Afraid to use limited pieces?

  1. I know this is no way to live but...
    I find myself just a tad hesitant to carry around/use my limited pieces. Ex: my perfo cles. I would rather use the things I know I could replace easily if they became worn or *god forbid* ruined with time. I know that's a bit dramatic but I would rather use my plain ole mono cles over my perfo just's not as "special"

    I know...shame on me...
    am I alone? I know there has to be at least one cerise owner out there who only brings out her baby for special occasions :upsidedown:
  2. I think this is some thing you can use without worry. its not like a cherry blossom /cerises where its going to wear (print rub off) and down goes the value.
    Use it and enjoy!
  3. I wonder why the cherry blossoms rub off and the cerises don't? Doesn't make sense to me...
  4. Oh, sorry. i get it now, perfo instead of cerises and cherry blossoms, so sad that the Murakami rubs off, the grafitti doesn't, does it? Mine hasn't in years...
  5. they do with wear/abuse, i've cerises bags with some rub off.
  6. i'm afraid of using my Cerises and Cherry Blossom bags too. hell, i'm afraid to use even the non-limited bags :lol:!
  7. You are not alone! I am like that too, especially with my 3 cb retros. Hell, before I almost had a complete set of the cb line, and one of them was this brand new brown pink cb pap that I bought from let-trade. I didnt use that bag even for one time and I ended up selling it at a loss :sad: I mean, why bother buying if you end up selling it before even using it right? Sad but true, this often happen to me cause by my *ahem* impulses :s

    I am also a freak with using my mono leonor (I dunno whether this is a lim. ed or not). Since bought in 2004, that bag prolly only seen the light of day for a max of 4 times. The vachetta is still as pale as a dracula. Just for info, it's been sitting in the closet since mid 2005!

    I would love to be able to relax a bit more, but I just cant. I would freak out if I found just a tiny scratch/blemish/dirt/etc.
  8. I am really careful with all my bags, but I have to admit that I'm more protective of my limited ed. I currently have a perf. fuschia wallet, but I get so nervous using it (and it is a bit big too), that I'm gonna buy something smaller in mono the next time I'm somewhere with a LV butique and rather have the wallet in the box and use it on special occations.
  9. ha I was just thinking the same, in fact I´m afraid to ruin any bag, ha not just limited edition pieces, I´ve just got two, a perfo cles and a glace wallet and I use them so much. Well I iused to use the wallet but know I´ve got my cles I use them more. I´ve got the perfo, damier and monogram ones and I use the perfo the most. Just be careful and you can enjoy them
  10. I've seen graffitti rub off in some auctions.
  11. Don't be silly!!! USE them and ENJOY them!!! I DO with all my LEs!!! They cost too much $$$ just to be left on the shelf!:nuts:
  12. I have used my cerises speedy ONCE. I have yet to use the pouchette or the cles. I am sure I will eventually but for now they will just sit and be lovingly gazed upon.
  13. Don't worry, I'm the same with the CB items too :smile:
  14. I agree, it is hard to use them, but try!

    I don't use my CB pap or cerise lizard (my avatar) that much, but that is mostly a size function. I use my cerise keepall alot and for travel, and other than some slight spoting on the vachetta it looks great, no wearing on the cherries at all.
  15. I agree! I like to enjoy my philosophy is, if I never used them, why should I bother having them? You only live once! :yes: